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Release: Feb 14, 2009 - Author: KoRn - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
The Unrated version of this movie has recently been released on DVD in the USA. The R-Rated is definitely watchable. But a little bit of violence was cut out. And surely, every fan of the movie wants to own the uncut version.
The remake of the cult film has just opened in theatres and that is probably the reason why the Unrated version was released on Blu-Ray at February 3rd 2009.

Unrated: 01:31.23 min. PAL including end titles
R-Rated: 01:35.08 min. NTSC including end titles

Comparison between the US-DVD: Paramount (R-Rated) and the German DVD: Warner (Unrated).

With a total of 4 cuts = 10 seconds NTSC (added cut times)

The pictures had to be brightened subsequently.
Alternative footage:
Time index: 00.00

Different logos.
no time difference


Anni getting her throat cut is still shown in the R-Rated so is the blood coming out of the wound but the Unrated shows that longer before we fade to white.
2 sec.

In the R-Rated the sex scene was slightly shortened. In the Unrated Jack gets pinched in the butt once more.
2 sec.

The R-Rated still shows the arrow digging through Jack's neck and blood coming out. But after that, him panting for air with an appalled face was cut out. There is a lot of blood splattering in this scene, too.
4 sec.

The R-Rated still shows Marcie banging into the wall with the ax in her head. But then it is over. In the Unrated this scene is a little longer because it shows Marcie slowly slipping down the wall.
2 sec.

Alternative montage:
Time index R-Rated: 84.38
Time index Unrated: 88.00

The finale was recut a little. The Unrated shows Alice hitting off Jason's mother's head witch a machete, a short cut to Alice's appalled face, then a close up of Mrs. Voorhees' headless torso. Her hands are reaching for the head that is no longer existing. Finally, she drops to the side.
The R-Rated also contains this scene completely but it is edited differently. The beheading and her reaching hands are edited together. Just then, Alice is shown. Then, we cut back to Mrs. Voorhees' hand before she drops to the side.
no time difference