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Hannibal Rising


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Unrated Cut
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Unrated: 130.45 Min. with End Credits
Theatrical: 121 Min. with End Credits

Unrated: 122.51 Min. without End Credits
Theatrical: 113.08 Min. without End Credits

The Theatrical Version has been cut at 19 points. These cuts include only one violence cut, the rest are plotcuts which should top the development of Hannibal off. Here and there alternative shots and mirroring of the video footage was used. The additional plot scenes reveal the cruelty of Grutas and his men even more than in the theatrical cut. The violence cut at the end of the movie, as Hannibal finally kills Grutas, shows the audience the diabolic and cold side of Hannibals Personality in very atmospheric and brutal pictures.

Comparison between the Theatrical Cut and the US DVD Unrated Edition

19 Cuts = 558sec. (=9min.18sec)
An additional blending to the "The Weinstein Company" Logo.
13 sec.

The farmer walks through the forest and sees the hanged man, shortly after that he gets caught by Grutas´ men.
28 sec.

Soldiers bring a cannon in position, while little Hannibal and his father walk trough the woods. At home the mother serves dinner while father an son listen to the radio.
68 sec.

Two men get trapped in the woods and are shot by the henchmen.
27 sec.

Alternative Footage:

Time Code Unrated: 11:50
Time Code Theatrical: 09:33

The Russian attack begins earlier and runs therefore longer.
11 sec.

A shot of the tank driving over the hill.
2,5 Sec.

Two of the injured are turned around, the russians suddenly attack while the leader waves desperatly the white flag.
16 sec.

An additional shot of one of the injured being lifted into the car.
2 sec.

While the car is escaping from the tank in the Theatrical Cut, the Unrated shows another shot from the back of the car. The doors are opened once again and the injured gets thrown out of the car. He stays motionless on the ground while the car drives away.
6 sec.

The villains examine their loot.
13 sec.

An additional shot of the frightened kids and Grutas biting a piece out of the hunted bird.
11 sec.

A picture of Stalin and the elite doing their sport in the rain.
25 sec.

Alternative Footage:
Time Code UR: 23:32
Time Code TC: 19:54

The Unrated Cut shows Hannibals escape as an entire sequence. He wanders a field while crossing a scarecrow. At nightfall he reaches the russian border, watching the guards and sneaks closer. A soldier feeds the dogs and walks to a shack. The dogs get disturbed by something and run to the fence. A soldier on guard notices that, lights with his floodlight and raises an alarm. The dogs snapped something, but with a closer look its only the scarecrow. Hannibal uses the distraction to his advantage, climbs the watchtower and jumps over the fence. But the soldiers still recognize him and open fire. Anyway Hannibal escapes.
73 sec.

The Theatrical Cut shows the above described sequence as a complete cut in different order.
32 Sec.

Both cuts come together again in this shot.

After the fight with the butcher Hannibal and Madame Mussaki are interrogated at the police station. After that there is a short scene of Hannibal as he eavesdrops on his aunt taking soliloquies.
72 sec.

Alternative Footage:

Time Code UR: 49:24
Time Code KF: 42:53

Madame Murassaki talks with a man and gets a dossier.
28 sec.

The Theatrical Cut shows her walking into the picture alone carrying the dossier.

In the flashback sequence with Hannibal and his sister the picture is mirrored at three spots.
Left Unrated - Right Theatrical

Hannibal examines the bill of lading of a truck.
15 sec.

Hannibal pays a woman for driving the truck to Grutas´ Mansion.
62 sec.

Grutas gives order to kill Hannibal at the telephone box.
54 sec.

Grutas gives orders to his men.
15 sec.

Madame Murassaki is bothered by Grutas.
22 sec.

Alternative Cut / Violence Cut:

Time Code UR: 1:59.28
Time Code KF: 1:49.52

After Hannibal has bitten a piece out of Grutas´ cheek he holds it between his teeth. But instead of swallowing he spits it out.
10 sec.

The Theatrical shows Grutas´ horrified face with the wound. But after that Madame Mussaki is shown, she horrified turns around and walks away.
3 Sec.

Both cuts come together again, the camera zooms out and Hannibal turns again to Grutas. He cries in pain.