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Release: Aug 28, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-rated version and the uncensored unrated version (both released by Warner Premiere)

Story: After the death of their parents Nicole and her brother Chris, a well known surfing pro, move to a small coast town. What they don't know is that the town is being terrorized by a group of vampires. Leader of that group is Shane (playeb by Kiefer Sutherland's brother Angus) who captivates Nicole. Chris tries everything to release her. He is supported by "Surfboard Shaper & Vampire Slayer" Edgar Frog (Corey Feldmann, reprising his role from Lost Boys).

As with many other DTV sequels expectations for this one weren't very high. But to me this movie was quite a surprise, mostly because of the casting of Corey Feldman who plays his supporting role with a lot of irony. Aside to that we have Kiefer Sutherland's brother Angus as the lead vampire but he can't compete with his brother's portrayal in Lost Boys. The movie also features some gory splatter effects (which the first film didn't have) and a cool soundtrack.

The DTV sequel of the 1987 cult film "The Lost Boys" was released as an R-rated and an unrated vrsion in the USA. Next to some splatter effects the R-rated mostly misses nudity. Although violence has been cut the R-rated still left some gory moments in the film.

R-rated = 91:58 min.
Unrated = 93:47 min.

Difference = 2:03 Min.
Alternate scenes in the R-rated version = 13,1 sec.
03:15 As the vampires kill Tom Savini a shot as been pushed back in the R-rated version (RV). The unrated version (UV) presents the shot now. No time difference.

03:17 Now the RV shows the aforementioned shot.

03:18 The RV misses some wildly edited shots of the vampires gutting Tom.
3,6 sec.

03:28 After one of the vampires drew his knife the UV shows him cutting of Tom's head. The RV shows the vampire a little longer.
Unrated = 3,2 sec.
R-Rated = 1,9 sec.



18:11 At the party: a short shot of a girl who gets liquid poured over her breasts is missing.
1,1 sec.

18:25 Jon talks to the guests and tells them about a very hot margarita recipe.

Jon: "I'm about to show you how to make the badass motherfucking sickest margarita recipe you've ever heard of. Take you hundred-percent, blue-agave tequilla, a fresh squeeze of lemon and/or lime juice, a little bit of an orange liqueur, something to kind of... take the edge off that. The fourth and very secret ingredient ties the whole room together. Kind of like that rag in The Big Lebowski."

In the RV Jon only says: "I don't... Don't. Listen, you're missing out on the whole thing."

Unrated = 20 sec.
R-Rated = 3,6 sec.



26:00 In the RV the scene of Chris and Lisa kissing in the shower is shorter. Her breast are in frame.
4,1 sec.

26:56-27:00 Alternate material of the both of them in the shower. The camera is a little more distant in the UV, revealing Lisa's breasts. No time difference.


27:24-27:29 Ditto.


27:36-27:39 After Chris left the shower the UV shows more of Lisa again. No time difference.


33:51-33:54 As Lisa takes her top off the UV presents more of her body. No time difference.


34:43 After Lisa's been impaled by the deer horns a shot of the apalled Chris and further shots of the stabbed Lisa are missing.
5,5 sec.

34:49-34:51 A shot of the twitching Lisa is a little more explicit in the UV and we see more of her blood-covered breast respectively. No time difference.


50:34 A shot of Shane and Nicole coming down a ladder is shortened by a transition in the RV.
8 sec.

50:55 Another shot from the back as they enter the vampire's hide-out has been shortened.
3 sec.

53:00 During the sex scene of Shane and Nicole (harmless) shots and transitions have been removed.
22,4 sec.

68:41 In the camp fire sequence the RV misses shots of two girls showing more of their bodies and Kyle filming that with a cam. The modd is jolly, so to speak.
26,9 sec.

71:37 As the girls are being attacked by the vampires both versions present different shots of them being bitten. The UV shows more blood.
Unrated = 6,5 sec.
R-Rated = 3,7 sec.



73:17 Jon vomits more blood after Chris has impaled him with a tree branch.
1,3 sec.

73:19 Ditto.
1,5 sec.

73:24 Jon spits white goo.
2,9 sec.

80:19 After Erik has been stabbed by the drill hammer both versions present different shots.
Unrated = 7,6 sec.
R-Rated = 3,9 sec.



80:25 More shots of Erik's melting face. He lies on the drill hammer and gets shaked.
5,4 sec.