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The Covenant


The Last of Us


The People Under the Stairs

Needful Things

Bone Sickness


  • Unearthed Films US DVD
  • X-Rated Kult Austrian DVD
Release: Mar 20, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The German unrated DVD by X-Rated has been compared to the US unrated DVD by Unearthed

This movie has been released in two versions in the US, once by Unearthed Films and once by Morbid Vision Films, with the Unearthed DVD being longer than the Morbid one. Still, the latter one contains scenes the former misses. The version that is at hand here, the Austrian DVD by X-Rated Kult, is about two minutes longer than the Unearthed Films version. It is fair to assume those scenes were taken from the first edition of the Morbid version. Aside of several longer scenes, one single splatter scene has been added. If this is enough to justify a purchause is up to the viewer.

The uncensored DVD was kindly provided by Andreas Bethmann (X-Rated

The beginning times are taken from the Unearthed version, the time designations in brackets from the X-Rated version

X-Rated version = 104:02 min.
Unearthed version = 102:08 min.
12:43 (12:42) Kristen preparing the special medicine for Alex is a bit longer in the X-Rated version (XV). There are also edits to the cemetary.
17.9 Sec.


26:43 (27:02) Here, the Unearthed Version (UV) misses the scenes of Kristen drying her hair, sitting down on the bed and afterwards looking at herself in the mirror.
54.6 Sec.


46:01 (47:14) Only the XV features the close-up of the bone sticking out of the woman's leg.
1.2 Sec.


62:35 (63:50) After the scene in which Andrea was torn apart by the zombies, the XV features Kristen entering a room and collapsing cryingly. Then, some scenes of zombies and Thomas in the attic take place (the latter ones are shown a little later in the UV).
51 Sec.


73:13 (75:18) Here, the XV shows a zombie. The UV features part of the scene with the zombies and Thomas, which was shown earlier in the XV.
XV = 6.9 Sec.
UV = 9.5 Sec.



74:12 (76:15) Here are now shots of zombies and Thomas in the attic, which XV showed earlier.
12.1 Sec.