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Release: Feb 04, 2013 - Author: Preacher - Translator: DaxRider123
Nowadays, "Prince Valiant" is one of the great classics of comic literature. However, even these masterpieces were not free of censorship. For the release of "Prince Valiant" in the American Sunday Newspapers on October 23rd, 1937, the second image had to be censored.

Gawain bequethed a dead knight to Prince Valiant to serve as a guidepost.

In the uncensored version, the dead knight still has a sword in his chest. This was too brutal for a release back then, thus the sword had to be edited out.
It's interesting to mention that several European lithographs actually still included the uncensored image with the sword.

Nowadays, there exist a few uncensored versions (e.g. a reprint by the German Bocola press).
Here we see the censored scene from the sunday nwespaper released on October 23rd, 1937. The first two images both show the edited version of the image, one is a black and white image and the other one a colored version. Underneath these 2 pictures you see the uncensored original version of this panel - the way it was intended to be released in a newspaper over 70 years ago!.