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The Authority (Vol.1)

#14 The Nativity Part 2

original title: Authority, The


  • Released Version
  • Unreleased Version
Release: Jul 15, 2013 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Sebbe
Millar's first storyline reaches from US issue 13 to 16 and it's an alternative to Marvel's "Avengers". For DC didn't want any trouble with Marvel the Commander, the alternative version of Marvel's Captain America, had to be revised and changed so that they aren't too equal.
On the first picture you can see the Commander wearing his white, blue and red uniform shirt and his shield. The character's way too redolent of Captain America so the DC publishers decided to revise the character design for not getting sued.

The last picture on page 10 and the picture in the middle of page 11 were overlaid with a red filter so that the brutal murder of two enemies of the Authority doesn't look too violent.

Page 10:

Page 11:

On page 14 the Engineer kills the alternative version of Hulk. She's giving his corpse the finger in the uncensored version. This was changed for the release to the British two-finger salute.