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#869 Brainiac Part 4


  • Final cover
  • Original cover
Release: Jul 20, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Sebbe
Action Comics is one of the two oldest series of DC Comics and has mainly action to offer, as the title already points out. It stars Superman most of the time (Detective Comics is most of all reserved for Batman). It's the only series that never took a break, so it has a very high numbering. Shown below is the first issue from June 1938 with the legendary car scene.

With the issue #869 of the series DC underwent some self-censorship, which slowed down the delivery, thematized here. This censorship has nothing to do with the usual debate about violence in comic books but has a different reason.

Compared here is the original cover from the previews with the final cover of the comic book which went on sale.
No beer for Superman

The cover of the issue #869 -Part 4 of the Brainiac storyline- looks quite harmless at first view. You can see Jonathan and Clark Kent on the farm at dusk talking and having a drink.

But on closer inspection you'll notice that the etiquettes on the bottles look peculiar like Photoshop. It is Photoshop. Actually Jonathan and Clark are talking while drinking a beer (brand name "Crow") as can be seen on an excerpt of the preview cover. It seems that DC got cold feet at the last second because of the alcohol theme so they overlaid the etiquette with a cheap "Soda Pop" as a try to change it to lemonade.

Original coverAltered cover

Apart from the fact that the alteration looks really cheap and the bottles still look like beer bottles this censorship makes no sense. Clark is a man of over 30 years. Nobody would be bothered about him drinking beer...obviously except for somebody at DC.