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The Authority (Vol.1)

#13 The Nativity Part 1

original title: Authorithy, The


  • Released Version
  • Unreleased Version
Release: Jul 13, 2013 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana
After 9/11, the US citizens were so traumatized that it even influenced the comic scene.
The comic series "The Authority", which was considered an orgy ofaction and violence as long when Warren Ellis was the author, became a victim of censoring when the new author Mark Millar was calling the shots.

Influenced by the politics, Millar's premiere comic book #13 with the cover date May 2000 was censored.

And after 9/11, comic book #27 and the following final #28 were going to be censored more than ever.

Please note: the text in the images of the censored version is in German because that's the one used for this comparison but it's equals the US comic book (except for the language of course).
At the beginning of book #13, the Authority invaded Jakarta and discharged President Habibe due to crime against humanity. DC arranged that the comic book was censored before its release because they thought mentioning actual countries and presidents would cross a line.

In the opening sequence on page 2, Jakarta has been replaced by Southeast Asia.

On page 4, the Midnighter asks President Habibe in the Original / Unreleased Version. In the Released Version, he only wants to know who's the top dog around there.