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Crying Freeman

original title: Kuraingu Furiiman


  • Taiwanese Version
  • German Version
Release: Sep 01, 2012 - Author: Jim - Translator: DaxRider123
"Crying Freeman" is the manga which the same-titled movie (which is more popular in most countries) was based on. The fact that the movie is more popular might be a result of the fact that the comic has not been available for a long time. The manga about a killer who cries for every victim was released in Germany was released in form of an album and the pictures were all mirrored to be more compatible with a western audience. These issues are out of print for a long time and can only be bought on e.g. eBay.

This is a comparison between the German and the Taiwanese version which was censored at times (especially the sex scenes). Even though there are no explicit pictures in "Crying Freeman" there still are quite a few sequences that include lots of sex (which in case of "Journey to Freedom" actually is relevant for the story). However, the Taiwanese censors seemed to dislike the amount of sex. In general, the image section of the Taiwanese version is a little smaller but this is unlikely to be the result of a general censorship.
Unfortunately we can't tell you whether or not the dialogues are any different (due to a lack of skills in Taiwanese and Japanese [which would be useful to compare it to the original version]).

The images of the German version are photographs of the comic, thus the quality isn't perfect. In order to ensure a better visibility, the images were brightened up a little.

In "Journey to Freedom" part 1, 4 panels were edited.
In "Journey to Freedom" part 2, 5 panels were edited.
In "Journey to Freedom" part 3, 3 panels were edited.

Overall, the storyline of Journey to Freedom offers 12 edited panels.

All page references refer to the German version.
Whenever it's not mentioned any different, the images on the left side originate from the Taiwanese version while the images on the right originate from the German version.
==Journey to Freedom Part 1==

Page 84
In the Taiwan version there's a bar covering the Freeman's helper's private parts. In the following image almost all the pubic hair was edited out.

2 edited panels

Page 85
Again, almost all of the pubic hair was covered up.

1 edited panel

Page 94
In the total shot they colored Freeman's helper's private parts white.

1 edited panel

==Journey to Freedom Part 2==

Page 5
Kyutche's private parts are covered up by a Taiwanese (sound-)word.

1 edited panel

Page 10
A speech balloon covers up the woman's crotch (in the German version there's no speech balloon in the whole panel).

1 edited panel

Page 19
A white line covers up the crotch. The parts of the private parts which still would be visible were retouched.

1 edited panel

Page 20
In panel 3 the woman's pubic area was colored white.

1 edited panel

Page 21
In the upper panel there's a thick white line covering the genitals.

1 edited panel

==Journey to Freedom Part 3==
Chapter 4
Freeman's as well as his wife's crotch were colored white.
Both in the Taiwanese as well as the German version this image is also shown on the last page of the comic. In the Taiwanese version this last picture includes the exact same censorship, therefore it won't be mentioned twice in this report.

1 edited panel

Page 77
Freeman's wife's crotch was colored white.

1 edited panel

Page 81
The pubic hair (which already can hardly be seen) was retouched in the mid-level panel.

1 edited panel