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Crying Freeman

original title: Kuraingu Furiiman


  • Taiwanese Version
  • German Version
Release: Sep 02, 2012 - Author: Jim - Translator: DaxRider123
"Crying Freeman" is the manga which the same-titled movie (which is more popular in most countries) was based on. The fact that the movie is more popular might be a result of the fact that the comic has not been available for a long time. The manga about a killer who cries for every victim was released in Germany was released in form of an album and the pictures were all mirrored to be more compatible with a western audience. These issues are out of print for a long time and can only be bought on e.g. eBay.

This is a comparison between the German and the Taiwanese version which was censored at times (especially the sex scenes). Even though there are no explicit pictures in "Crying Freeman" there still are quite a few sequences that include lots of sex (which in case of "Journey to Freedom" actually is relevant for the story). However, the Taiwanese censors seemed to dislike the amount of sex. In general, the image section of the Taiwanese version is a little smaller but this is unlikely to be the result of a general censorship.
Unfortunately we can't tell you whether or not the dialogues are any different (due to a lack of skills in Taiwanese and Japanese [which would be useful to compare it to the original version]).

The images of the German version are photographs of the comic, thus the quality isn't perfect. In order to ensure a better visibility, the images were brightened up a little.

In "A Taste of Revenge" part 1, 3 panels were edited.
In "A Taste of Revenge" part 2, 9 panels were edited.
In "A Taste of Revenge" part 3, 1 panels were edited.

Overall, the storyline of A Taste of Revenge offers 13 edited panels.

All page references refer to the German version.
Whenever it's not mentioned any different, the images on the left side originate from the Taiwanese version while the images on the right originate from the German version.
==A Taste of Revenge Part 1==

Page 15
Oshu Tohgoku rapes Freeman's helper. Panel 9 and 10 were altered. Even though you only rudimentarily see the penis, the Taiwanese censors wanted the panels to be edited so that it can't be seen at all. The panel where Toshu penetrates the woman was completely colored white instead of showing the act rudimentarily.

2 edited panels

Page 16
In Panel 3 the image section was altered. While you in the German version see a white square covering the pubic area (we can assume that it in the original version - as usual for Crying freeman - was only rudimentarily visible); apparently, the German censors thought that this was too much to show. In the German version, you see a little more of the woman's legs - you can see Oshu's hands holding her legs spread.
(It's also possible that the white square originates from the US edit, since the German version of the manga was based on the US version.)

1 edited panel

==A Taste of Revenge Part 2==
Page 60
During the scan of Freeman's head the Taiwanese version shows some more data above it. In the German version there's nothing. It's not entirely sure whether the German editors wer ejust sloppy (which is actually possible since they back in the days didn't really put too much effort into the translation of mangas), the US version (which the German version was based on) was already altered that way, or if there wasn't any data in the Japanese original as well.
(Image originates from the Taiwanese version only.)

1 Panel

Page 82
When Freeman sleeps with Kimie and strokes her breasts, the smaller image section of the Taiwanese version prevents us from seeing her other breast.
The breast additionally seems to be stretched in the Taiwanese version.

1 edited panel

Page 83
The long shot of Freeman and Kimie lacks some detail in the lower part of the image.

1 edited panel

Page 84
During this sex scene parts of the panel were edited out by altering the image section.

1 edited panel

Page 86
When Freeman grabs Kimie's pubic area, panel 3 lacks some detail in the lower part of the iamge.

1 edited panel

Page 87
When Kimie performs oral sex on Freeman, the image was zoomed heavily.

1 edited panel

Page 90
The first panel was zoomed. Actually you would see Freeman above her, backing his arms against her legs.

1 edited panel

Page 108
When Kimie performs oral sex on Freeman, the Taiwanese version colored the whole background (which is partially dark in the original version) white and retouched the saliva on the penis. Therefore you can't even rudimentarily see the penis.

1 edited panel

Page 115
Another altered image section during the sex scene between Freeman and Kimie.

1 edited panel

==A Taste of Revenge Part 3==
Page 8
When Kimie has sex with the gangster, the image was zoomed.

1 edited panel