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The Authority (Vol. 1)

#27 Brave New World Part 2

original title: Authority, The


  • Released Version
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Release: Jul 14, 2013 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Matar
After 9/11, the US citizens were so traumatized that it even influenced the comic scene.
The comic series "The Authority", which was considered an orgy ofaction and violence as long when Warren Ellis was the author, became a victim of censoring when the new author Mark Millar was calling the shots.

Short after 9/11 "The Authority #27 - Brave New World Part 2" was developed but all of a sudden the DC PRESS wanted some drastical censorships. Mainly the changes should affect diverse political, violent and erotic scenes unless the comic series was thought to be released without a rating sign.
It is unknown if the artist Arthur Adams hat to draw a new title because of censorship or if he was unpleasent with the first version (b/w). The final cover was darkened as well.

Page 4:
Because of the fact that the Teuton killed his enemies in the first version by drilling through them like a projectile, similiar to the terrorists on 9/11 used the planes to hit the WTC, the whole image was redrawn. Now the Teuton tosses enemies to the universe.

Page 5:
The colonel, an English football hooligan, uses his enemie's head as a football. The uncensored versions shows the victim's face. The print version lacks all facial expressions and only the contures of the head are recognizable.

Page 6:
The original version shows the nipple of a naked angel. This was to much for America. The final version lacks the nipple.

Page 8:
The entrance to the colonel's room is plastered with signs stating rassism. These were deleted for the final version. The colonel states that he likes women who look like the dead Jenny Sparks. The uncensored version shows the body of Jenny Sparks in the colonel's room and he gets undressed to fulfill his necrophilic preferences. The print version shows him meeting three women who look like Jenny Sparks.

Page 13 above:
While Swift (a vegetarian) has to prepare meat dishes for her master in the censored version, the original version shows her how she cleans the plates with her tongue.

Page 13 below:
Swift is used as an ashtray by her master. This scene reminds on a fellatio position. The final version shows her master how he stubs out the cigar in the dish.

Page 18:
George W. Bush works together with the Authority. One could speculate that it is considered as not patriotic to critizise his president after 9/11.