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#4 Back to the Klondike


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Release: Apr 09, 2016 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Mr Miau
The stories of the richest duck in the world, Uncle Scrooge, written by Carl Barks, certainly need no introduction. Drawn from 1952 until 1968, they serve as the cornerstones for the stories happening in Duckburg until today.

Less known is the fact that Carl Barks had quite often problems with the publisher and was forced to remove parts of some of his stories as a result.

With the story "Back to the Klondike" from 1953 Barks got in big trouble with the publisher. This was because he tried to show Scrooge's rough past using a sinister saloon including the owner Nelly. The story countained a brawl and Scrooge ordering Nelly to do fatigue duty, on top of that there are hints to what they are doing besides working.

Barks had already become to important to fire him, but he got in a lot of trouble. As he said: "I think they figured I should have had sense enough to know you couldn't get involved in fights in a barroom...It was quite a while afterwards before I found out why they cut it...I got a letter from the office, or was told on my next visit to the office, that I had violated a lot of their taboos and should have had sense enough to know it wouldn't work..."

The result was a cut of a total of 5 pages - from 32 down to 27! This cut version then was exported as well. The story was reconstructed in 1981 and not published puiblicly before the Barks Library.

Comparison between the cut version taken from the first issue and international reprints and the uncut version from the Barks library.
Scrooge's Flashback

The three brothers want to know from Scrooge what happened during the gold rush in the saloon and he tells them:

Scrooge has found gold and proudly presents his huge nugget. Instantly, Nelly wants to flirt with him in order to find out where the claim is, but when he does not give in she drugs and robs him. Scrooge gets angry, beats up everyone of the crooks and confronts Nelly. Ge gets his big nugget back, but not the rest of his gold. So he forces her to sign a bond and then to work on his claim for a month.

No today!

The following page was inserted directly after the previously restored pages. Scrooge is determined to get his gold back and his nephews test whether he is taking his memory medicine. However, they refuse to go to the claim by dark.

Note: The content does not equal the lost original by 100%.

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Why no police?

The scene in the camp continues. Donal wants to know why Scrooge does not just get the police in order to remove the occupant out. Scrooge admits that he never paid taxes for the land and therefore has no right to have her removed, a fact which Donald of course has to comment on.

Cut VersionUncut Version