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National Lampoon's Vacation


The War of the Worlds

The Covenant

Needful Things

The Burning

Ghost in the Shell



  • US Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Nov 21, 2012 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana
The German Version and the US Version lack 2 pages from the Japanese First Edition. I figure the censoring in the German Version was just accidental because German mangas were based on the US Version at that time - same with "Gun Smith Cats 1". Furthermore, Shirow removed the pages himself. Rumor has it that the pages are back in the latest Japanese Edition. One way or another, the missing two pages don't influence the plot in a negative way at all.
Page 52
When the Major lands on the boat, the chicks are wearing a swimsuit in the Censored Version. In the Uncensored Version, they're naked. And the Major doesn't wear höschen.



Uncensored Enhanced:

Page 53, Page 54
Here are the two missing pages from the Japanese First Edition.