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Mega Man 64

original title: Rockman Dash: Hagane no Boukenshin


Mega Man 64 Version
Rating: E+
Region: Worldwide

Mega Man Legends Version
Rating: 3+
Region: Europe

Release: Jul 14, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
The game series "Mega Man", originally called "Rock Man", is internationally very famous and logically also spawned many sequels, a TV series, various merchandise and so on. The series also features many returning characters, which could almost be seen as a "Mega Man Universe". Besides the two series "Mega Man X" and "Mega Man Zero", there is among others the RPG series "Mega Man Legends" (originally "Rock Man Dash"), the first part of which was also ported to the N64. It was simply renamed to Mega Man 64 and offers a 3D-perspective for the first time. In retrospective, "Mega Man 64" is mostly a sandbox action game without many connections to the other games of the franchise besides the characters, especially not the popular gameplay.
This comparison covers a little alteration concerning the possible abuse of animals. They cannot be kicked in the international N64 version anymore.
This not really violent game was slightly altered because the storyline originally offered the player the choice to talk to a dog barking at a girl on a lamppost and tell him that this is not the way to treat girls OR to just kick it away. With the first option, which is the only one on the N64, the dog growls at the protagonists and then leaves. The other option is to simply kick "Paprika", making it fly in a wide arc and then run away.
Nintendo Mega Man 64 VersionJapanese Rock Man Dash Version

In later parts of the game, there are cats walking harmlessly around as well. If the player wishes to do so, he can still kick them around for no reason in the Japanese Version, which was obviously to offending and had to be removed for the International Version. The cats are still included but cannot be maltreated. The screenshots are from the Japanese Version only, the bad camera angle is due to the game.
Japanese Version