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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Dec 15, 2011 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) together in one movie.
Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) combined classical western and alien invasion with a big budget in order to create the genre mix blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens. And the result can be called good mainstream entertainment.

Unfortunately, the story is not really well written, and even the good actors cannot make up for it. Still, the movie is not altogether disappointing.

Releasing extended versions on Blu-ray only is becoming a trend, and Cowboys & Aliens is no exception from that. The longer cut, however, does not really improve the movie but should be preferred if given a choice. Although there is not a lot of new dialog (no wonder, given the taciturn protagonists) the Dolarhydes, mostly Percy, come across a lot nicer.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (PG-13 DVD) and the Extended Version (Unrated Blu-Ray).

Running times:

Theatrical Version: 114:01 min. NTSC (w/o ending credits)
Extended Version: 130:59 min NTSC (w/o ending credits)

16 minutes and 58 seconds were added in a total of 31 shots.
Shortly after arriving in Absolution, Jake Lonergan looks aroand. There is a short shot of him telling the dog not to follow him.

5 sec.

Jake: "Hey! Stay there. Stay."

He enters a house and takes a look aroand.

23 sec.

The washing procedure is longer too.

11 sec.

Before Jake takes he closer look at his woand, he grabs a bottle of whiskey and takes a sip.

17 sec.

He cleans the woand as good as possible.

13 sec.

The priest Meacham surprises him and tells him to go to the other room, though he later says he will help Jake.

1 Min. and 35 sec.

Meacham: "Sit down there. Right there."
Jake: "This is your place?"
Meacham: "Six days a week it is. Seventh belongs to the Almighty. Where'd you ride in from, son?"
Jake: "West."
Meacham: "West?"
Jake: "Mmm-hmm."
Meacham: "Well, that's a big place, the west. Everybody out west as talkative as you? There we go. Come on into the light here, son. Take a pull of that whiskey, then lay down here and make yourself comfortable."

A few of Percy Dolarhyde's friends can be seen before he is being arrested by Sheriff Taggart.

6 sec.

Taggart rips Jake's wanted poster off a billboard.

2 sec.

A short chat between the Doc and his wife in the saloon is missing.

17 sec.

Doc: "Why is there no soap in here?"
Maria: "Hey."
Doc: "Why do you put the dirty dishes over here? I like 'em over here."
Maria: "I can take over if you ... Why don't you rest?"
Doc: "I don't need to rest. I got customers. I got no respect in this town."
Maria: "That's not true, okay? It's not... I just didn't want you to get shot, that's all."

Percy, having been knocked out by Jake, gets dragged out of his cell by the deputies.

15 sec.

Taggart: "What happened to him?"
Jake: "I couldn'say"

7 sec.

Taggart opens the cell.

17 sec.

Taggart: "Now, I will treat you with respect, but make no mistake, if you try to escape, I will put a bullet in you."

A woman drags a boy to safety, then a man and his horse are being hurled through the air and into a house.

4 sec.

A fleeing man is being hit by another explosion.

2 sec.

Taggart's grandson, Emmet, is taking a look aroand after the attack. Meacham is reading from the bible and the Doc takes care of an injured man.

49 sec.

Meacham: "Stories of evil beings, monsters the likes of which they had never seen before. 'Giants', they said. 'And they were as grashoppers in their eyes,' they said. And the people of Israel became afraid. 'How can we survive against them?' They lost their faith. They forgot that there is nothing to fear ander heaven and earth, as long as we walk in the path of righteousness."
Man: "Hold him still. Hold him still!"
Meacham: "That He created man by blowing His breath into the mud, and so there is in each of us a little breath of God."
Doc: "See if you can stop the bleeding. Use this."
Meacham: "'Thou shalt not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flieth by day, nor the pestilence that walketh in darkness.' God is testing us, friends. He's testing our faith. So we're goin' after our kin."

Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde prepares for battle. Doc and Emmet join the pursuers as well.

1 Min. and 4 sec.

Greavey: "You know, some of these boys think they might already be dead, boss."
Dolarhyde: "If they wanted 'em dead, they'd be dead. They was ropin' people. That was a roand-up. Where do you think you're goin'?"
Doc: "I'm comin' with you."
Dolarhyde: "You're dead weight."
Doc: "They took my wife, I'm comin'. Besides, I'm a doctor. You need me."
Dolarhyde: "Suit yourself."

Meacham: "You stop right there. I'm sorry son, you can't go. It's too dangerous."
Charlie: "I'll watch him on the ride. He can water the horses. He ain't got nobody."
Meacham: "All righ, then. Make sure your canteen's full."

Jake joins the group.

19 sec.

Doc: "Can't we just be happy the guy wit the big gun's back?"
Ella: "Much obliged to you, Mr. Lonergan."
Jake: "Yeah, well. I ain't done nothin' yet."
Ella: "I appreciate it, all the same."

The men check out the boat they want to sleep in more closely.

Meachem gives Doc a rifle.

The first guard is being set up and they chat a bit.

2 Min. and 13 sec.

Deputy: "How you gentlemen doin'?"
Meacham: "All right. How are you?"
Deputy: "Good. I'm gonna take first watch."
Doc: "Thank you, Deputy. You want a seat, preacher?"
Meacham: "No, no, no. Make yourself comfortable. You know, Doc, this here is a Spencer 56-50. You ever shot one of these?"
Doc: "No."
Meacham: "No time like the present. How's that feel?"
Doc: "It's heavy."
Meacham: "It's a heavy gun, yeah."

Man1: "I swear to God, it's raining harder in here than it is outside."
Man2: "I soaked through."
Greavey: "What in the hell are we sittin' aroand here for? We need to be five miles and a long trot. headin' in the opposite direction of those things."
Man1: "If we tried that, the old man would shoot us himself. Ain't that right, Wes?"
Wes: "Yeah, he would."

After giving Emmet the knife, Dolarhyde looks thoughtful and leaves the room.
Meacham and Doc can then be seen at shooting practice.

34 sec.

Meacham: "All right. Just allign your sights, and when the target peeks up over the top, just squeeze the trigger. Don't yank on it, it's not your pecker. Now here. You're holding onto this thing like you're hanging from it."
Doc: "What the hell am I doing? It's ma fault she got took. I never should have taken her to that town."
Meacham: "No, no, no. Not your fault. You'll get her back. You're setting things right. Just got to have faith. That's all."
Doc: "Faith. Yeah."
Meacham: "Mmm-hmm."

An alien decimates Greavey's group.

32 sec.

The group is being attack by Jake's old gang. Hunt recognizes his old boss and they leavetowards the camp.

52 sec.

Jake's gang shortly before the attack. The members argue over their gold and who should become the next leader.

50 sec.

Bull: "Quit stalling. How much gold we had left?"
Mexican: "It's about $1.000. Maybe more."
Hunt: "Well, I'm just gonna need to know how much gold is mine, so I can be on my way."
Bull: "On your way? Dolan's dead. I run this gang now. Now, you might be in charge."
Hunt: "But some of that gold's mine, fair. After what we saw yesterday, I'm gonna need every little bit of it I can, to get as far away from here as I can."
Bull: "The gold goes where I go."
Mexican: "What's fair is fair."
Bull: "Red?"
Red: "I got 'em, Bull."
Bull: "You ain't goin' anywhere."


Jake asks his old fellows to follow him one last time. Bull is sceptical.

3 sec.

Bull: "Why the hell would we do that?"
Jake: "Same reason you always have, Bull. I'll make you rich."

Jake comes back with his men.

6 sec.

Las preparations in the apaches' camp. Nat Colorado surprises Emmet. Black Knife tells him to sit next to him.

Doc is havin some small talk with the mexican from Jake's gang.

Jake shortly talks to Ella Swenson.

3 Min. and 22 sec.

Nat: "Emmet. You shouldn't be here. Let's go."

Black Knife: "You're a good Apache."

Doc: "Do you have a woman? A lady, a wife?"
Mexican: "No. I'm always working."
Doc: "I see. You work... You work hard?"
Mexican: "Yeah."
Doc: "Lot of killing?"
Mexican: "Huh?"
Doc: "Killing."
Mexican: "A little bit. Si, si."
Doc: "My wife, you know, she's a Mexicano. Mexicana."

Ella: "You should know... I'm not gonna be here very long."
Jake: "None of us are here very long. Don't ever do that to me again."

A longshot is missing.

8 sec.

The attackers get into position.

27 sec.

Jake and his men climb on the space ship.

17 sec.

Doc treats the mexican's leg wound.

26 sec.

The party in the saloon goes on longer.

12 sec.

Another extended shot from the saloon.

50 sec.

Hunt: "Hey Bartender! How many songs we gotta listen to before we get another drink?"
Doc: "Hey, simmer down there, cowboy! I'm just glad to see my wife."
Hunt: "One more shot of whiskey right here."
Doc: "Oh, yeah? What do you have there?"
Hunt: "Demon gold."
Doc: "This ain't Wells Fargo. I need some coin."

Percy: "Hey, Doc."
Doc: "Yeah."
Percy: "Doc, a drink for me and my friend here."
Doc: "Ain't he a little young?"
Percy: "What, after what he's been through, Doc? Two sarsaparillas, please! And this should take care of any outstanding debt."
Doc: "Well, thank you, Percy. Thank you kindly. Appreciate it."

Dolarhyde: "Percy!"
Percy: "Yes, comin', Pa."
Dolarhyde: "Doc. Next roand's on the Dolarhydes."