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original title: Vado... l'ammazzo e torno


  • US DVD
  • German TV Version
Release: Jun 16, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German TV version (aired on "Tele 5" in 2007) and the US-DVD released by VCI.

Both versions have a slightly different cut. While the US DVD mainly misses out on scenes that evolve the plot a little further, the German TV version lacks a lot of violence (e.g. brawlings).

This also means that both versions have their pros and cons. The US DVD hase a great image quality and also offers the right format (widescreen). However, the english dubbing is not too good, plus the US DVD misses out on quite a lot of plot. The German TV version on the other hand offers quite good voice actors, however, it's shortened and has a wrong aspect ratio.

The TV version is (probably) identical to other German releases (both VHS and DVD) by UAP resp. Arcade.

The time designations always refer to the US DVD.

Whenever the US DVD offers scenes that were cut out of the German version, these parts are marked red.

Overall, the German TV version has 10 scenes that were not included in the US DVD version. Overall runtime: 2:46 minutes

The US DVD in return offers 8 scenes that are missing in the German TV version. Overall runtime: 3:20 minutes

Minor film tears were ignored for this report.

Comparison of the images:

German TV Version | US DVD


After the men left, Monetero goes to Marisol and says that he doesn't want to make fals prophecies, however, thanks to his wisdom the 300,000 Dollars (in gold bars) are as good as certain.

Then we see the train's chimney.

9 sec.


A missing dialogue between Django and Samson after the latter jumped out from behind the curtain. Django says that he hopes that Samson has nothing to do with Monetero's gang and Samson says that he doesn't.

7 sec.


The tracking shot of the riverbank starts a little earlier.

5 sec.


Before they hit each other for the first time, Clayton jumps around in front of Django a little longer.

Django: "Why? You're still drunk. This some kind of Ho-down?"

9 sec.


Django falls to the groudn durign the fight.

Clayton: "Then, you're a liar."

Django gets back up.

15 sec.


The fight is shown a little longer from a distance.

1 sec.


Clayton gets up.

Clayton: "Come on."

3 sec.


The two of them fight longer in the river.

16 sec.


The brawl inside the bathhouse is distinctly longer.

2:03 min.


After Monetero announced that he wants to kill Clayton there's a missing cut to Clayton.

2 sec.


Clayton is shown a little earlier.

1 sec.


Clayton is shown a little longer. The following shot of Monetero starts a little earlier. The US version does not miss out any dialogues but rather postpones it. clayton says that he found out where the 300,000 Dollars are.

5 sec.


The camera zooms to the man's eyes who is standing be hind the curtain.

Then follows a trackign shot of the countryside.

The US version misses out on a dialogue between Monetero and Clayton. Monetero says that it's time to retire, buy a house and all that. Clayton replies that he will get 150,000 Dollars; even though he will have to share it with his men, there still will be enough money left to buy a house. Mentero says that his men won't get any money - he wants to keep every single cent for his aging. Clayton replies that Monetero will probably turn 180 and that his declining years are ensured without his gang. Monetero says that he's not worried, after all, his men are all trained professionals. He's sure that they will cut their own path and one day build their own house (a goal which in his opinion everybody wants to acchieve). Some will acchieve their goals by playing poker, others will do it differently (always depending on line of buisness one is in). He's looking forward to have some more security so that he can indulge in things he wants to have. Clayton jokes about Monetero's wisdom of age and says that one can only envy Monetero because of his serenity. Monetero explains that his serenity comes from a long and satisfied working life.

The two of them head out on their horses. Then the US DVD continues.

1:32 min.


The two of them ride through the area a little longer.

17 sec.


You see the ruins.

4 sec.


You see Monetero. The camera pans to the ruins. Then the two of them are shown a little earlier when they ride to the ruins.

18 sec.


The two of them ride through the ruins a little longer.

10 sec.


[Zoom to the Gold.]

Different order of the scenes:


  • Cut to Clayton.

  • Cut to Monetero.

  • Now you see the gold.

    3 sec.

    German TV Version:

  • You see Monetero.

  • Cut to Clayton.

  • The two of them look at each other and then walk towards the gold.

    7 sec.


    Slightly different order of the scenes:

    US DVD:

  • Zoom on the gold.

  • Clayton approaches the gold.

    3 sec.

    German TV Version:

  • Slow tracking shot towards the gold.

  • Clayton approaches the gold (it's not the same take as in the US DVD version).

    3 sec.


    The three of them are shown a little longer underneath the shower of gold.

    29 sec.


    The credits are shown in front of the coin. The German TV version ends when you first see the coin.