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  • R-Rated
  • Workprint
Release: Jun 06, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version and the so-called Workprint, which shows the movie in unneeded length and was later reasonably edited by the cutter. But this version also contains action scenes and brief plot-wise scenes, which presumably had to be cut for the R-Rating.

Only these scenes are covered in this censorship-report.

Who in contrast wants to know about the numerous cuts and editings which were made for dramaturgical reasons, can do this on the following site: Review Hell Here only cuts concerning violence and storyline are examined. The R-Rated version has 44 changes worth mentioning with ca. 257 sec.

The workprints runtime without end credits is ca. 121 minutes.

When the bomb-planters are afoot, we also learn in the WP that they have a female hostage tied in the house. The woman is threatend with knifes and stupid comments.

As Eric runs through the alley, his gunshot wounds are shown more detailed.

Shortly before the explosion, the woman can be seen again. 5s

Eric is hurted away by the explosion. 3s

Eric runs to the burning building. When he reaches the door, the hostage falls against him. He pulls the almost completely burned but still breathing woman into the street and puts her down. Then he runs away. The policeman comes to the woman and starts to talk to her. Her burned face is shown and she wheezes a few times before she dies in his arms. 73s

The flashback of Ericīs murder misses a few bullet-holes. 2s


Eric is shown stabbing repeatedly at Tin-Tinīs face - only the knife, not the tortured face is shown. But in the official version the effect is better. 3s

A close-up of the knife is missing. 2s

Another close-up of the knife is cut. 1s

The shot of the fence, who tries to pull the knife out of the hand, is missing. He has no success. 4s

A close-up of the bloody hand. 2s

The fence with his burning legs bounces around the place a little longer. 2s

The burning eye. 2s

The burning eye is shown a bit longer. 1s

The sound of the bursting eye can be heard. The woman bends into the smoke and starts to inhale. The man also takes a deep breath a bit longer. 27s


Funboy yaks a bit longer when he injects her the heroin. Afterwards he lights a pipe. 24s

As Funboy fires, there's a shot of Eric's hand getting hit and blood spraying.

Ericīs shot hand is shown in the front and therefore the look is more explicit.

Funboy, lying on the floor with the syringes sticking in his chest, is shown briefer.


The boss jabs the sword into the neck of the fence. The fence dithers.

The boss presses the sword deeper into the neck. The fenceīs fingers wildly touch the arm of the other guy.

The boss is shown stepping aside. The fence is still dithering. The boss goes back, complaining why the guy is still alive and taking the gun from the black guy.

Another hit in the fenceīs chest.


Two kids enter the shop and threat the shopkeeper and his customers with their guns. One of them approaches the guy, takes the gun from him and says "Wow, Cowboy". The kid is hustled aside and our hero runs from the shop.

One of the boys is aiming at the man and shoots him in the shoulder.

After the guy is hurtled into the air by the car, a shot of the kids, shouting "What a classic!" and laughing loudly, is missing.


Three more people shoot at Eric.

Eric is hit in the chest several times. Bloody close-ups from the side.

A different shot: now it is much clearer to see how Eric gets shot before he falls from the table.

When the guy shoots under the table, he hits is opponent several times in the leg. Thereupon another guy shoots the accidental shooter.

Eric rolls from under the table, throwing one of his adversaries to the floor. That man falls right next to the dithering man with the shot legs. Eric tries to struggle to his feet but falls down again, landing between the two men and hits them with his outstretched arms at their throats. 4s

A different shot (in different context) shows one of the men taking a hit. 1s

The same as in the cut before.

Blood sprays upon the wall.

When Eric slits the throat of the black man, the shot misses the gushing blood spraying in the air and Eric jabbing the knife another time in his stomach. 3s

Eric takes more hits in the chest.

Eric cuts off a hand from one guy. The bloody stump is shown.

Another man gets shot.

When Eric runs from the cops, he takes several shots in the chest.


When Eric examines his gun wound in the shoulder, we see it from a better perspective. In addition to that the flowing blood is shown more explicitly.

The black man takes many more hits in his chest.

He then also slides down the stairs to the pulpit.

The boss gets impaled. Two ultra-gory shots show lots of bood spraying from his mouth and his belly seemingly bursting apart.

A tracking shot of the impaled man has been cut.