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King of the Kickboxers, The


  • R-Rated
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 17, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated VHS by Imperial Entertainment and the uncut UK DVD by Universal (BBFC 18).

The differences:

6 cuts = 57.5 seconds.
2 cuts with alternate footage = 11.5 seconds.

The King of the Kickboxers is the forth installment of the No Retreat No Surrender series and it is quite violent. Different cuts for different countries were made. In some countries, the movie is not available uncut. In the UK for instance, the BBFC 18 VHS by 4 Front Video lacks 45 seconds. The UK DVD however is uncut. In the US, only a cut version is available, too. The R-Rated VHS by Imperial Entertainment lacks footage of approx. 1 minute. If anyone would like to buy the uncut version, I would recommend the UK DVD or the Australian DVD.
12 Min
When Jake burns the pushers face, the second shot of it is missing in the US Version.
5 sec

13 Min
The Police Captain screams and swears longer in his office. The camera zooms in on the door, then it pans to the window. A cop ist standing there eavesdropping. He waves over another cop so that he can listen to the Captain as well. At that very moment, the Captain gets to the window and shoos him away. He then closes the shutter.
13 sec

23 Min
The guy in the white overalls ends up on the hood. While lying there, he removes the tarp and finds a blood-smeared young woman's body underneath. He backs off and covers the body with the tarp again.
9 sec

24 Min
Khan smashes the guy's head on the table two more times (two shots).
4.5 sec

24 Min
The hook scene is almost entirely missing.
The US Version lacks Khan getting a hook and ramming it in the neck of the guy with the overalls. He then anchors the hook at the crane hook and activates the crane. The guy with the hook in his neck gets pulled up. The US Version contains a little alternate shot of the two guys watching.
R-Rated: 2 sec
Uncut: 13.5 sec



58 Min
The conversation between Jake and Prang is longer.
17 sec

61 Min
At the market, the camera pans to an old woman. Molly approaches her and asks her something (indistinctly).
9 sec

64 Min
Molly shows her boobs. The US Version contains a shot of Jake in the wooden tub instead.
no difference