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I Spit on Your Grave


  • Horror Channel
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 16, 2017 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
As part of their Xtremse Season, the violent remake of I Spit on Your Grave aired on the British Horror Channel in January 2016. And surprise: One did not show the regular BBFC 18 Version which is also cut. Instead, Horror Channel edited a new version by themselves and this versions lacks more footage than the regular BBFC 18 does. Almost 2.5 minutes of (sexual) violence have been removed.

There is no official rating for this version. Only two text boxes were presented before the movie started.

Compared are the cut UK TV Version (01/30/2016 at 22:55 on Horror Channel) and the uncut Unrated Version b< Anchor Bay.

46 differences, consisting of
- 42 removed scenes
- 4 scenes with alternate footage

The Unrated Version is 150.54 sec longer (~ 2:31 min) than the UK TV Version.

27:40 Minutes
After Jennifer shows Johnny her teeth, she begs him to stop. Jonny's baseball bat ends up on the banister next to her head. She weeps but she does not have a choice and shows her teeth.
13.08 sec

27:58 Minutes
Shot of Jonny touching Jennifer's teeth from Stanley's perspective resp. he is using his cam. Then Stanley.
4.72 sec

29:26 Minutes
Jennifer has to suck on Johnny's gun.
1.76 sec

29:30 Minutes
More footage of it.
3.24 sec

29:39 Minutes
Another part of that scene is missing.
1.64 sec

30:18 Minutes
Jennifer longer when she has to use her mouth on the bottle.
0.96 sec

37:44 Minutes
The second shot of Jennifer's breast is missing.
1.76 sec

37:51 Minutes
With his cam, Stanley zooms in on Jennifer's breast while Storch is using a bat on her breast. Cut to the Sheriff who then goes on with Jennifer's crotch.
7.96 sec

38:38 Minutes
Storch yells at Jennifer. He wants her to neigh.
2 Sek.

39:45 Minutes
Matthew longer. Then Jonny uses his knife on Jennifer's crotch.
4.48 sec

40:29 Minutes
Jennifer is supposed to dance and gets pushed around.
1.84 sec

40:32 Minutes
Jennifer moves a little.
2.36 sec

41:09 Minutes
Jennifer is lying on the ground. She tries to fight back but Andy keeps her from doing so.
5.24 sec

41:33 Minutes
Jennifer's butt.
1.36 sec

41:44 Minutes
Matthew gets on top of Jennifer and starts raping her.
2.84 sec

41:50 Minutes
Missing footage of the rape.
2.36 sec

41:52 Minutes / 40:51 Minutes
Alternate footage in order to mask the explicit scenes.
1.76 sec / 1.12 sec

UnratedHorror Channel

41:55 Minutes
More missing footage of the rape.
1.52 sec

41:59 Minutes
2.96 sec

42:04 Minutes
2.2 sec

42:07 Minutes
4.68 sec

42:17 Minutes
Matthew's butt longer.
0.2 sec

42:19 Minutes
Again, footage of the rape is missing.
3.88 sec

42:27 Minutes
Jennifer's suffering is still going on.
1.88 sec

42:50 Minutes
0.92 sec

43:12 Minutes / 41:53 Minutes
The TV Version shows Stanley, the Uncut Version the rape again.
10.72 sec / 1.88 sec

UnratedHorror Channel

46:46 Minutes
Storch spits on his hand.
3.08 sec

46:56 Minutes
Jennifer longer.
0.72 sec

47:03 Minutes
Jennifer is being raped by Storch.
4.52 sec

47:13 Minutes
Matthew and then the rape one more time.
4.76 sec

47:22 Minutes
Jennifer tries to get her hands on the gun but Jonny kicks it away.
11.72 sec

47:38 Minutes
The shot starts slightly earlier.
0.44 sec

47:43 Minutes
0.64 sec

1:26:24 Minutes
The crow goes for Stanley's eye.
0.44 sec

1:29:07 Minutes
Jennifer pulls another one of Johnny's teeth.
0.76 sec

1:29:09 Minutes
The tooth hits the ground. Jennifer then pulls another one.
8.84 sec

1:29:19 Minutes
A further shot of Johnny.
0.84 sec

1:30:07 Minutes
Johnny needs to suck the gun barrel longer.
2.88 sec

1:30:12 Minutes
And another shot of it.
2.16 sec

1:31:08 Minutes
Jennifer longer with Jonny's penis in her hand.
1.2 sec

1:31:09 Minutes
Cut to Johnny.
0.4 sec

1:31:15 Minutes
Johnny earlier.
1.44 sec

1:31:18 Minutes
Same here.
0.32 sec

1:35:17 Minutes
Shot of the shotgun up Storch's butt.
2.26 sec

1:35:34 Minutes / 1:33:19 Minutes
Alternate footage of Jennifer entering the room.
3.12 sec / 2.88 sec

UnratedHorror Channel

1:36:43 Minutes 1:34:28 Minutes
When Jennifer penetrates Storch with the shotgun, the footage of the Uncut Versin is longer and more explicit.
25.52 sec / 7.96 sec

UnratedHorror Channel