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Living Dead Girl, The

original title: Morte vivante, La


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • US DVD
Release: Mar 08, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS released by Salvation (BBFC 18) and the uncut US DVD released by Image (Not Rated)

Besides The Raisins of Death, The Living Dead Girl (OT: La Morte Vivante) is probably the best known film by Jean Rollin. This is especially due to the very gory splatter scenes that got the movie banned in Germany in 1986.

In Britain the movie had not been released uncut in many years. Besides the VHS released by Redemption the VHS and the DVD both released by Salvation all contained the same cut. It took until 2007 to hand the movie to the BBFC, again, that gave the uncut version a Rating, this time.

Cut version = 83:38 min. (PAL)
Uncut version = 89:42 min. (NTSC)

Cut length = 2:35 min.
28:18 The woman's body gets splattered with her friend's blood and she starts screaming. Then we see the friend, blood is still shooting out of the wound in his neck.
4 sec.

28:31 The shot of Catherine sticking her finger in the woman's throat is longer. The woman gasps and blood is running down on her.
7.3 sec.

55:49 Close up of Catherine digging her hands into the woman's stomach. A bit of the guts is running through her fingers. For continuity reasons the next shot of Hélène is missing, as well.
15.7 sec.

74:38 Shot of Hélène cutting in the screaming captivated woman's stomach with a knife (or scissors?).
1.7 sec.

74:39 Same here. Hélène looks at Catherine.
3.8 sec.

74:42 She keeps slicing the woman.
3 sec.

74:44 Beginning of a tracking shot going up the captivated woman.
1.2 sec.

75:47 Shot of Catherine and Hélène. Hélène says something to her friend before we see the captivated woman again.
5.4 sec.

75:58 After Hélène went up the stairs the camera pans to left ending on the woman.
7.3 sec.

81:07 In the US version Catherine nibbling on Hélène's neck drinking the blood spraying out is much longer. Insert of a bat climbing up a wall.
59.6 sec.

81:20 Her nibbling on the arm is longer, too.
32.5 sec.

81:29 She looks at Hélène's hand and bites off her thumb. Then she runs her hair through her fingers and bites again.
13.5 sec.