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  • Theatrical Version
  • Workprint
Release: Apr 08, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison uncut (1:28:51) without (1:31:58) with credits. (PAL)
Workprint: 1:43:28 (NTSC) without credits
The workprint starts with the Tall Man parking his car in front of the house.

The talk between Reggie and Mike is longer. There are also a few scenes missing, e.g. Reggie hugging Mike, then the Tall Man is shown before the house.

The WP misses the scenes with Elisabeth.

Only now, after the house was blown up, Elisabeth shows up. The scene from the beginning takes place.

The talk between Mike and the psychiatrist is shown from different perspectives.

After Geggie's house was blown up, a dialogue in front of the car is missing.
72 Sec

Reggie puts some more things into the supermarket trolley.
8 Sec

Mike opens a door in the morgue and looks inside.
20 Sec

Reggie waking Mike, who is still lying in his sleeping bag, is missing. In the normal version, the two drive in the car here.
60 Sec

The grandmother and Elisabeth are talking longer in the car, driving to the cemetary.
20 Sec

The reverend quickly disappearing behind a corner and taking a zip of booze from a tin bottle is missing as the grandmother and the grandchildren went into the church. He mumbles something and turns around.
30 Sec

Elisabeth is walking longer through the catacombs
16 Sec

The dead person in the coffin, who was just stabbed, is shown in a close-up. This is only later shown in the normal version.
2 Sec

The reverend is talking to a woman on the phone (Tom???). The normal version continues as he hangs up.
66 Sec

The reverend is running through the room, looking for his gun after terrifiedly having shut the peephole. Then he hides in the closet, puts the gun in his mouth. In between, an undead is shown, aping the reverend with a finger in his mouth.
50 Sec

Elisabeth is looking for her grandmother, she grabs a bottle of medicine off the night-table in the bedroom and leaves. In the normal version, she pushed down the medicine and notices the grandmother's glasses. The rest is known.
50 Sec

Only now, the WP features the drive during which Geggie and Mike pick up Kim.

The WP features Elisabeth walking towards the reverend's home. She knocks and calls for him, but as nobody opens up, she enters the house. She finds a letter from the reverend and grabs the telephone, trying to contact somebody, but this doesn't work. She turns around and runs away. Directly after, the three arrive at the desired house. In the normal version, Elisabeth walks around on the cemetary and discovers her grandmother's empty grave.
131 Sec = 2 Min 11 Sec.

Reggie is standing in front of Mike and tells him Kim noticed nobody was there as they arrived at the house. She gives the impression she would rather leave.
19 Sec

Only now Elisabeth walks around the cemetary ... Here, a few scenes are swapped, as well. After Reggie and Mike built the spring gun, Elisbaeth only walks towards the house at the cemetary, in the normal version she's already inside.

Mike is being attacked by one of those corpse-diggers, Reggie knocks over a gravestone which buries the corpse-digger underneath it (cheap effect).
46 Sec

As the reverend is being attacked by the spheres, the WP-version misses the sideways-view.

The WP version features all the bloody scenes as the reverend has the sphere in his head. In the normal version, you see the reverend stumbling without any blood. Also, the WP does not feature any cuts to the Tall Man and Elisabeth.

Before Reggie helps Elisabeth out of the grave, a short dialogue of the two is missing.
16 Sec

After Elisabeth and Mike kissed each other, the sex continues in some sort of dream. In that, they are at different places and love each other. Afterwards, the two fall out of their dream back into bed. She then says that there was no safer sex than the one they just had.
54 Sec

Kim is sitting longer on the bed. As she moves her hand through her hair, she has a hank in her fingers.
7 Sec

After the grenade blew up in the house, Mike and Geggie talk longer.
31 Sec

Reggie and Kim discuss longer in front of the house. Kim is dying to come with Reggie.
11 Sec

In the WP, this scene takes place right after:
After the car exploded, both are standing longer in front of the burning remains. Some close up shots and one shot from behind the two is shown. They curse a little, pack in their stuff and run away.
+ One transition-scene. Then, gagged Elisabeth is shown.
This is shown later in the normal version.

Mike and Geggie walk longer through a hallway.
17 Sec

The WP misses a few scenes of the mortician in the oven.

The WP, again, misses the close-ups of the spheres, which are rushing towards Elisabeth.

It takes the guy who attacks Reggie and gets drilled longer to get up again.
2 Sec

When the guy then gets a rather long chainsaw out of the closet and turns it on, Reggie looks stupidly for a longer time.
3 Sec

This laser sphere scans the room once more. The WP does not show the rat being killed by the sphere.
5 Sec

When the mortician is being hit by the sphere, the WP shows it entering his back very bloodily and pieces of thread and flesh fly away.
3 Sec

The scene of the sphere rampaging in the guy's stomach is shot differently. In the WP, the shirt is being ripped apart from the inside.

Mike turns the guy and the sphere is shown. Then, Mike can be seen longer in the WP and he says something. Then the guy with the sphere is shown again.
4 Sec

The WP misses a scene with Kim, standing at her wrecked car.

Again, the WP misses the scnes with Kim, this time running to a funeral car and hot-wiring it.

When the beast comes out of Tall Man's head and attacks Mike, different shots are being used.

Before Reggie turns the formalin-machine's lever (in this case muriatic acid), a few more seconds pass. He is only shown longer.
7 Sec

There are some more small shots of Tall Man disintegrating in the WP.

The WP features Tall Man's corroded body. A camera sway from him to the portal out of which a new Tall Man comes out takes place.
17 Sec

Before everyone gets in the funeral car, a few more frames are shown.
ca 1 Sec

The new Tall Man throws the old one through the portal. Then he can be seen in the fire. He grins at the camera.
28 Sec

Reggie puts one arm around Kim, strokes through her hair and then has a hank in his hand.
12 Sec

Mike and Elisabeth kiss in the back of the funeral car.
3 Sec

Both fly around in the car as it wriggles over the street.
4 Sec