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  • BBFC 15-VHS
  • BBFC 15-DVD
Release: Apr 12, 2019 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
The censored BBFC 15-VHS of Entertainment in Video was compared with the uncensored BBFC 15-DVD of MGM..

The differences:

5 cuts = 18.5 seconds.

The Ghoulies series was not spared from censorship, especially in Great Britain, because with the exception of Part 3, all other films were only released in a censored version, at least on VHS. The first Ghoulies-Film appeared in the UK 18.5 seconds edited on VHS by Entertainment in Video and later uncensored on DVD and Blu-ray by MGM. All versions received the BBFC 15 certification from the BBFC. In Germany, the uncensored version was published on VHS with a FSK 18 certificate. The second part is a bit more complicated, because there are several versions. As already mentioned, the third part was published uncensored in Great Britain and also in other countries, but in the fourth and last film of the series a few censorships for the British VHS release were made again. A look at the IMDB shows that cuts have been made to scenes showing the use of nunchucks and throwing stars.
57 min
The close-up of Dick, choked by the long tongue around his neck, is slightly longer.
2 sec

57 min
The shot of Malcolm (here in the shape of the woman) with the tongue hanging out is missing. Then you can see Dick from the side. The tongue pulls tighter around his neck and blood flows out. The camera then moves from Dick over the long tongue and stops at Malcolm, where the censored version resumes.
9 sec

64 min
When the corpses are resurrected, the dead Eddie writhes around the ground in an additional shot.
3 sec

64 min
Robin, risen from the dead, comes crawling out under the bed. Her lower jaw is torn open and partly hangs down.
3.5 sec

66 min
You can still clearly see the wounded body of the dead man after Jonathan took the hood off his head.
1 sec