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  • Singapore PG
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 26, 2010 - Author: da ola - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
When I bought this movie in Singapore I had no idea it was cut, although the PG rating should have made me suspicious (the ratings there are similar to those in the US and the UK). Still, I have no idea why this movie should get that rating, anyway.
There, the movie was released on VCD together with the (also cut) sequel in a double feature. The box contained 4 CDs, because the movies are split on 2 CDs each. I have put the two halfs together for this report. The time designations refer to the uncut DVD.

Running time of the uncut version with ending credits: 01:26:46
Running time of the cut version with ending credits: 01:29:23
Missing: 51,96 seconds in a total of 8 cuts

The time difference is due to the cut version running slightly slower.

Comparison between the cut VCD by Lions Gate Films from Singapore(PG) and the uncut DVD by VCL/Warner (FSK 16).
The black screen has been shortened.
7,04 sec

One can see the face of the man falling down to the ground in pieces. The same goes for his hand and then his whole body. In the cut version one only see the end of the scene when the whole body falls down.
14,8 sec

The hatch opens and Rennes comes out with a corroded face.
1,32 sec

Rennes' face can be seen in a close-up. Then Holloway bowes over him and screams. Rennes' face is steaming.
3,36 sec

Holloway, Leaven and Quentin look at Rennes, whose face can be seen again.
7,16 sec

Rennes' head can be seen from the side. The fade to the next scene also is missing.
6,96 sec

Quentin goes on talking to Holloway and tells her that she was frustrated about not having children or a man who fucked her so she stuck her nose in other peoples' lives.
10,8 sec

One can see Rennes' face again.
2,28 sec

Quentin picks the injured Leaven up, she is spitting blood. The he lets her down.
5,28 sec