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Last House on the Left, The


  • R-Rated (Blu-ray)
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 15, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the censored R-rated version and the uncensored unrated version (both available on the US/UK 3-Disc Limited Edition by Arrow Video)

- 17 cuts
- Time difference: 137.9 sec (= 2:18 min)

Including 3 additional scenes in the R-rated version with a total length of 16 sec.

About the Rape'N'Revenge milestone The Last House on the Left in itself we don't have to say many words anymore. For the following cut report our older comparison with the US-VHS second edition of Vestron Video is especially interesting because there you can find some exclusive moments, which are missing in all later "Unrated"-releases. This was because Craven was dissatisfied with the censored first edition for an R-rating and apparently inserted this source material from a 35mm print negative again for the first time. The version used since DVD times has been completely restored (and is more explicit in the violent scenes), whereby Craven again removed some of the previously contained moments.

The collector's label Arrow Video published a 3-Disc-Limited Edition of the film in June/July 2018 in Great Britain/America, where the main film itself is in a 2K restoration. Besides the bonus version "Krug & Company" with again own deviations also for the first time in HD an R-rated version is available. In a few places it offers the cuts known from both the Vestron second edition and the "Krug & Company" version as well as small additional moments, but it is also strongly censored. Unfortunately, some additional moments of the Vestron second edition were dropped with the R-rated censorships- they would have been nice in HD, of course.

In sum, one can only advise against viewing the bonus version, which also uses the same HD source as a basis apart from the cuts/additions, respectively is not a completely own restoration. To what extent this version corresponds 100% to the R-rated version at that time is unfortunately not clearly stated.

Time index refers to
R-rated version (Blu-ray) / unrated version (Blu-ray)
28:12 / 28:13-28:15

A shot of the wound is missing.

1.8 sec

Alternativ / Additonal footage R-rated version
28:31-28:33 / 28:34-28:36

While the unrated version shows Phyllis with peed pants longer, the R-rated version changes to an additional shot of Sadie.

no difference


29:37 / 29:39-29:47

Cut to the girls, then back to Krug and Junior.

Junior: "If you're not careful, you're gonna kill someone. Make them make it with each other, man!"
Sadie joyfully agrees: "That's a good idea!"
Junior repeats: "Make them make it with each other."

7.8 sec

Alternate / Additional footage R-rated version
30:51-31:02 / 31:01-31:12

Longer scene where the girls hugging each other while they undress.
In the R-rated version you see Junior walking around restlessly instead.

R-rated version 0.4 sec longer


32:34 / 32:44-32:45

The last shot on the police office slightly longer, the deputy turns further away to the side.

The Vestron version is different here or offers some alternative material.

1.1 sec

Between these two cuts, the Vestro version again had a short alternative moment.

33:24 / 33:35-33:38

Weasel turns the knife a bit longer in the air.

3.1 sec

Additional footage R-rated version
33:35-33:38 / 33:49

But Weasel can be seen here earlier in the R-rated version.
Similar, but not the same recording as before in the unrated version.

+ 3 sec

36:28 / 36:39-37:00

Weasel has found Phyllis but a river keeps him from getting to her.
Phyllis yells in his direction: "Screw, creep!"

21.1 sec

40:54 / 41:26-41:35

Sadie a few frames longer, then the blood-drenched Phyllis crawls a little bit of it. After a small kick she collapses again.

An additional censorship cut opposite the Vestron-VHS.

8.7 sec

41:49 / 42:30-42:37

The two cops are getting out of the car.

7.4 sec

42:38 / 43:26-43:29

A short cut on Phyllis' legs and a first time Krug with her in his arms. Weasel stabs twice more.

At the Vestron-VHS there was some alternative material instead.

3.3 sec

42:42 / 43:34-43:37

Another, additional censorship cut compared to the Vestron VHS: Once again the blood-drenched legs of Phyllis.

2.9 sec

42:45 / 43:40-43:58

Another shot who's got it in it: The rest of the scene is missing. The Vestron-VHS was complete here and still had some exclusive moments, which unfortunately fell completely under the table.

Sadie stabs Phyllis again and she collapses. Weasel looks enthusiastic and Krug digs something in the intestines.

17.9 sec

43:56 / 45:08-45:25

At this point, too, an additional censure intervention causes a piece to be lost in which the Vestron VHS even had some additional material.

Mari looks up and Sadie shows a hand behind Weasels jacket - who turns out to be Phyllis' severed hand. She drops it to the ground, Mari screams. Finally the policemen a bit earlier on the street.

17.3 sec

44:15 / 45:45-46:11

The Sheriff picks up his hat and the two of them keep going. Then you can see Krug carving his name into Mari's upper body.

Sheriff: "Damn hippies!"
Krug: "What do you think, Weasel?"
Weasel reads out loud: "K-R-U-G. Krug. That's really nice."

26.5 sec

62:48 / 64:44-64:45

The parents insignificantly longer when they are kneeling in front of the body.

1 sec

71:20 / 73:17-73:39

Earlier by the lake. Weasel shows off a little before Mrs. Collingwood goes down on him.

Weasel: "If you don't watch it, I'm gonna come."
Mrs. Collingwood: "Please come then, sweetie."
Weasel: "Don't you want me to do you good and proper?"
Mrs. Collingwood: "You can do both, can't you?"
Weasel: "Hell, yeah! I can come five or six times if you want me to."

21.6 sec