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Psychopathic: The Videos DVD

The Burning



National Lampoon's Vacation


The War of the Worlds

Another love song

artist: Insane Clown Posse


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: May 13, 2013 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX
While this video of the most hated band of the world was never shown on MTV, it was shown on middle of heavy rotation on the German Music channel VIVAzwei, a music channel for alternative tastes and music. It was also shown on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro after Vince McMahon didn't came through with his promise of showing it while the ICP was around in WWF (now WWE).

Apparently the ICP wasn't too happy with the original version, as they changed the video for their music-video collection »Psychopathic: The Videos« in some amount. They reinserted the uncensored audio (the original video didn't use the Radio Edit but a more censored version, which the UK airing censored even more) - but this comparison ignores that - and shows alternate footage in 6 scenes.

Both versions show different segments of the same recording featuring the driving lady.



When Violent J says he "could go back", he goes back in the TV-Version. The DVD-Version shows a different scene. Shortly after that, he is still seen going back in both versions.



When Violent J comes to the conclusion to "let's just die together", he is seen saying it. The DVD-Version shows a silent Violent J on his knees.



Both versions show different scenes in the dust.



The same.



After Violent J shoves the others out of the way, the TV-Version shows him talking into the camera, saying "die" again, while the DVD version cuts away to some more scenes in the dust. The following scene is also different, as the DVD Version continues the broke up segment with Violent J talking into the camera, while the TV-Version shows the ICP and Twiztid.