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The Last of Us



The Pope’s Exorcist

To Live and Die in L.A

The People Under the Stairs

The Neverending Story

artist: Limahl


  • Original Version
  • New Version
Release: Oct 06, 2015 - Author: IamAlex - Translator: Mr Miau
Comparison between the original music video from 1984 and the new version.

The new version was cut slightly at the end, but the extension at the end makes more than up for it so it eventually is five seconds longer.

Original Version: 3 min 43 sec

New Version: 3 min 48 sec
The whitescreen at the beginning is longer in the original video.

9 Sec

Atreju is walking longer through the snowstorm. (Not easy to recognize because of the bad picture quality.)

5 Sec

The title overlays are different:

Original Version:New Version:

Original Version:0:02:55
New Version: 0:02:41
The scene order is different from this point. The new version features new footage and is also a bit longer at the end.

Original Version:New Version:

The new version is 19 Sec longer.

It should also be mentioned that not only the videos but also the songs themselves differ. Just have a listen here:
Original Version

New Version