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Limp Bizkit - Greatest Videoz

The People Under the Stairs

The War of the Worlds

The Burning

The Last Starfighter




artist: Limp Bizkit


  • Censored MTV Version
  • Uncensored MTV Version
Release: Sep 25, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Bensn
Compared were the censored broadcast on MTV and the uncensored broadcast on MTV.

4 cuts = 19 seconds.
1 alternative shot.
1 Min
The head of Wes Borland is being detached from the head and falls backwards. Subsequent cut to Fred Durst who watches the whole thing indifferently and shakes his head.
3 Sec

1 Min
In the censored version, the scene with Fred Durst in it was inserted at this place. In the uncensored version, you can see the twitching beheaded body of Wes Borland.
No difference in time



1 Min
You can see Fred Durst lying in bed with a woman a little longer. The woman comes on to Fred and the two kiss each other passionately. The subsequent scene in which you can see a hall containing a bunch of beds wherein men and women enjoy themselves is missing as well as the close-up view of a man and a woman fingering each other.
13 Sec

1 Min
Fred Durst looks at a woman riding another man.
1 Sec

2 Min
Again he looks at a woman and a man who are just having sex at the moment. Afterwards, Fred runs up the stairs a bit longer.
2 Sec