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artist: Beastie Boys


  • G-Rated
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 24, 2012 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: DaxRider123
Comparison between the G-rated version and the uncensored Director's Cut.
In the music video for "Body Movin`" by the Beastie Boys, the three MCs from New York again sarirized a film genre. After the 70's action movies (Sabotage) and the Japanese monster movies (Intergalactic) they now make fun of James Bond movies. The secret agent from the music video has to steal a misterious recipe for a meatball-sauce, however, he apparently didn't think that its owner and the latter's servant would be that stubborn...

The version of the music video that was aired on TV is heavily censored. The Director's Cut is much harsher and additionally includes a caricatured splatter sequence.

The Criterion Collection DVD "Beastie Boys Video Anthology" includes both the censored and the uncensored version.

1:39 min. - 1:41 min. (G-rated)

The aristocrat and the spy fence a little longer in the G-rated version.

Duration: 2 sec.

1:45 min. - 1:48 min. (G-rated)

In the G-rated version there's an additional shot of the servant who runs through the hall. The next shot where he opens the door is a little longer in the G-rated version, too.

Duration: 3 sec.

1:47 min. - 2:00 min. (Director`s Cut)

In the DC the spy chops the aristocrat's head off. Blood splashes out of the neck and you see the head on the floor for a few times. Then the servant picks it up and runs off.

In the G-rated you "only" see the spy running off. In between there's a grimace of the attenant.

Duration: 13 sec., DC 7 sec. longer.



2:04 min. - 2:05 min. (G-rated)

In the G-rated the spy runs through the tower's hallway a little longer.

Duration: 1 sec.

2:51 min. - 3:09 min. (Director`s Cut)

G-rated: The servant shoots laser beams at the spy's car from inside the helicopter.

DC: The servant and the aristocrat wave their hands around inside the helicopter.

Subsequently you in both versions see the weapon being shot, however, in the G-rated version it shoots laser beams while in the DC it shoots salvos of bullets which also hit the car during the next shot.


  • The servant shoots some more laser beams from out of the helicopter.

  • The car is hit again.

  • The car careens over the street.

  • The car continues to careen (shown from a sort-of POV shot); a laser beam just misses the car.

  • The spy clenches his fist at the helicopter and gloats over his victory.

  • Careening car.


  • The servant meddles with the MP.

  • The car careens over the street.

  • The car continues to careen (shown from a sort-of POV shot); a laser beam just misses the car. In the DC this shot is a little shorter.

  • The spy clenches his fist at the helicopter and gloats over his victory. In the DC this shot is slightly shorter.

  • Careening car.

  • MP salvos hit the ground in front of the car.

  • The car drives off a cliff and falls into a lake.

Duration: 18 sec., no difference in time.



3:47 min. - 3:58 min. (G-rated)

In the G-Rated the spy and the servant pass the plane's window in 2 shots. In the DC, these sequences are a little shorter and so are the following shots of the aerial combat.

Duration: 11 sec., G-rated 4 sec. longer.

3:57 min. - 4:01 min. (Director`s Cut)

In the DC, the switchboard behind the aristocrat has an electrical short (CGI-animation), while in the G-rated you don't see any lightning. After that, the plane explodes in the DC.

Duration: 4 sec., DC 3 sec. longer.



5:31 min. - 5:34 min. (Director`s Cut)

In the DC the music goes on for about 2 more seconds after the video already faded out (this was done because the G-rated's last scene was a little longer).

Duration: 2 sec.

The DC is 1 second longer. However, 54 seconds of the video were altered.

Runtime G-rated: 5:33 min.

Runtime Director`s Cut: 5:34 min.

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