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Blake and Mortimer

#5 S.O.S. Météores

original title: Blake et Mortimer


  • Regular Edition
  • Original Edition
Release: Aug 15, 2015 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: -Der-Tribun
The comic series Blake & Mortimer is classical franco-belgian entertainment at its best. In the exciting, often very crime-novel like adventures of Captain Blake and Professor Mortimer there never is boredom. The very detailled drawing style works wonders to immense one in the adventures.

In the 5th adventure, "S.O.S. Météores", the weather in western Europe seems to have gone crazy. The economic burden already is enormous. However, when Mortimer is visiting Paris, he is in the middle of a strange accident in the suburb of Haut Buc. The taxi driver vanishes and all of a sudden the accident site has changed place, making Mortimer realize something is wrong. However, during his investigations he discovers a truly sinister plot...

The story shows interesting differences between todays regular versions and the original print. This comparison is between the Original Edition from the Tintin magazine, available in a French reprint, and the Regular Edition, for which a German comic book was used (they are identical content-wise in all languages anyway).
Original EditionRegular Edition

Altered Appearance

On page 15, Mortimer and Professor Labrousse inspect the Custom, which had caused an accident in Paris. They are spied upon and then a huge dog attacks Mortimer.

The Original Edition makes no bones about the fact that Sadi's boss is no one else than arch-enemy Olrik, and it is even explicitly pointed out how he is connected to the whole affair "Great Pyramid". Jacobs however realized really fast that the scene didn't work, since the reveal 28 pages later that Monsieur Henri is Olrik in diguise fell flat because of this early reveal. Jacobs decided to change three panels on that page for the book edition in order to preserve the mystery.

In the Regular Edition, Olrik therefore already wears his Monsieur Henri-disguise and is only called "the patron". Therefore the footnote about the other adventure had to be removed as well and the text box in the third panel is much smaller since there is less text. The third panel was changed the most.
Original EditionRegular Edition

Finally, here a comparison of the whole page. First the Original Edition:

Now the Regular Edition: