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Spirou and Fantasio

#16 QRN over Bretzelburg

original title: Spirou et Fantasio


  • Original French Version
  • French Album Version
Release: Mar 20, 2013 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Gladion
Spirou and Fantasio is one of the most famous franco-belgian comic series. This is why there is no need for many words.

Issue "QRN over Bretzelburg" is regarded as the best of Franquin's. Step by step, a story develops that is rife with political references, wicked humor and ingenious exaggerations. The country of Bretzelburg is a highly interesting parody to a mixture of German Empire, third Reich and GDR. No more should be explained here to avoid spoilers.

Although the issue is so ingenious, it goes a long way.

Even during the creation, nothing went according to plan and Franquin changed the concept completely after a few pages. Additionally, he had a severe writer's block after about two thirds for about a year. When the issue was finally done, publisher Dupuis severed it to maintain the limit of pages by simply cutting out 4 1/2 pages. France should only get a complete version in the 90s.

Worse things happened in Germany, even. Rolf Kauka, known right-wing comic-distributer had bought the publishing rights and chopped everything to own gusto. Suddenly, the German states of Bonhalla and Berlin-O were created, the events were placed into the year 1975 and everything was altered so Bretzelburg was suddenly a commie GDR. Additionally, everything was shrinked to pocket size and Kauka happily discarded panels he didn't like. Germany was to get a correctly translated draft as late as 1987 by Carlsen.

The original French comic is being compared to the French album version.
Changed Songs

Right in the beginning, there is an eye-catching difference in the French album version. Incomprehensibly, all the songs were changed.
Uncut French VersionFrench Album Version

Removed Scene I: The Radio-noise

The first two pages are missing content already. In the album version, Spirou seems to turn off a radio and is then suddenly standing in front of the door, where Fantasio presents his new radio. It remains uncertain why Spirou is so disproportionately angry.

The uncut version reveals the reason. Spirou turns off the radio... the noise remains. Desperately, Spirou tries to find the right radio, gets hold of a toaster, a table-fan and a photo flash. Down with his nerves, he finally finds the disturbing radio and enjoys the silence. Suddenly, the noise starts over again and the radio drops on Pips' head. Now it is clear why Spirou is this angry at Fantasio.

Uncut French VersionFrench Album Version

Removed Scene 2: Hunt for the Marsupilami

Another scene removed. Fantasio loses it on the Marsupilami, which has the transistor stuck in its nose. This is ending in it running away and Spirou and Fantasio trying to catch it. Franquin presses all the humorous buttons in the following chase.

(Some of the uncut version's original pages were not available for illustrations, which is why they were replaced by the respective pages of the German issue. The color-differences become obvious here.)

Album Version

Uncut Version

Removed Shoe-Strip

The scene in which Dr. Kilikil forces Fantasio to do morning sports in much too small shoes is missing, too.