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Dahmer: Collector's Edition

Flash Gordon


Girl Blood Sport

Uncle Scrooge

#64 The Treasure of Marco Polo


  • Re-Issue
  • First Print
Release: Aug 28, 2015 - Author: YPSmitGimmick - Translator: DaxRider123
In the storyline "The Treasure of Marco Polo" (1966) uncle Scrooge is confronted with war-related events that are inspired by the Vietnam War.

For the re-issue in the Barks Library the text was toned down a little. Additionally, two of the panels were retouched so that uncle Scrooge doesn't hold a wire in his hands anymore. On the left side you see the original pictures from the first print and on the right side you see the retouched images from the re-issue.
The wire uncle Scrooge uses to overwhelm the soldier was retouched.

Again, the wire was edited out.