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  • US Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Dec 09, 2012 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Tony Montana
"Gun Smith Cats" is a Japanese Manga that combines action and comedy very well. Kenichi Sonoda's series is about the women Rally Vincent and May Hopkins who try to earn their bread and butter as bounty hunters.
Comic #1 actually lacks a page between page 46 and page 47. On this page, May does anything to get a job in the cathouse because she intends to find a guy there who's wanted by the cops. There are two reasons why that scene has been removed from the German Version:
1. The target group are teens and that scene is simply too delicate.
2. The scene is missing in the US Version and that's the version the German Version is based on.
However, we do not have the US Version and could not check if it is really identical with the German one. Sinces a lot of German comics are based on their US counterparts, it is likely the second guess is correct. If you are a US reader and if you have this issue, please let us now.
May shows her skills that are necessary for a job in the cathouse.