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Nutbag: The Story Of The Vegas Ripper

original title: Nutbag


  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: Aug 07, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: causa45 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD from Screen Entertainment (BBFC 18) and the uncut American DVD from Fright Flix Production (unrated)
Nutbag displays the controversial debut of Nick Palumbo, who got known 4 years later with his hardcore film "Murder-Set-Pieces". Compared to his last project, Nutbag seems to be much more accessible (if you may call a exploit-film like that). Even though the film features a huge amount of violence and nude scenes for people that have a fable for that, the psychological part plays a huge role in this movie. Especially the character of the psychopath is played very well for being acted by a amateur. MSP seems to be all out for hardcore scenes. That's why Nutbags is the better film in my opinion.

cut version = 68:39 Min
uncut version = 75:29 Min
04:55 First Murder in the hotel room. In the British version (BV), you can barely see the killer pulling back the head of the woman. The part is missing where he takes his chopper and cuts through her throat. Blood leaves the wound and the man lets her go.
8.8 Sec

13:30 After the killer fetched the prostitute from the road with the lollipop, a scene is missing where he presses her head under water and insults her. You can see her right breast in close view after that. The camera rides back slowly and you see the the woman sitting dead next to the killer (she is wearing a mask). He talks about his first contact with the subject death (his father was mortician).
134.5 Sec

13:54 Cut out photos showing womrn engaged in oral sex are missing.
2 Sec

22:02 You can see a mirror, in which the killer suddenly appears. The camera comes closer. The BV has been cut because a pornographic picture hangs on the wall.
14.2 Sec

22:36 The camera ride ends earlier in the BV. You can see the camera approaching a naked woman wearing a pig's mask, that lays bound to the bed. After that, there are views of her shackled hands and feet and her upper body.
38.7 Sec

22:45 Views of the bound woman and a pornographic picture. After that a scene where the killer looks in the camera, talks and draws a knife. He turns towards the woman and sits on her. He talks strange stuff and moves the knife upon the mask and the body of the crying woman. Finally, the stabs the blade into her vagina. Blood flows.
147.9 Sec

22:37 Scene showing him pulling the knife out again.
5.6 Sec

34:36 There are some scenes missing during the black-and-white flashback in which the lover of his mother sits on her. Apart from those, the scenes in between, where the killer is shown as a shocked boy, watching everything, are missing.
7.7 Sec

59:01 The Killer tears up Mandy's top with the knife and rams a knife into her crotch several times. Blood flows down her leg.
51 Sec