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House of Blood

original title: Chain Reaction


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 25, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened American DVD from Lions Gate (R-Rated) and the uncut Dutch DVD from Bridge Pictures.
Olaf Ittenbach's seventh splatter-movie splits the horror fans, as his other movies have done before. While the one side praises it for its (felicitous) splatter-effects, the other side claims that he has not learned anything since his early movies (Black Past, Burning Moon).
The first foreign release in the USA, which is named House Of Blood, was punished with an R-Rating (which has happened before to his Legion Of The Dead). Typical for the MPAA, some of the cuts are only several frames long.
The Dutch DVD contained the uncut version for the first time.
US DVD = 101:12 min
NL DVD = 102:33 min

Length of the cuts = 1:27 Min.
00:00 The "Mainline Releasing" logo is only in the USV.
+ 6 sec.

03:30 When the guard receives the head shot the USV fades away a little earlier. In the NLV we see him longer falling back with blood coming from the hole in his forehead.
1.6 sec.

03:58 When Spence shoots the guard on the floor in the head a few frames are missing in the USV.
0.3 sec.

04:10 The shot of Arthur slashing a guard's mouth with the handcuffs is shorter, too. He also smashes him into the wall of the vehicle (we also see a dead con in the background).
3.3 sec.

16:23 Arthur smashes a guard's face with a stone (very gory).
1.7 sec.

16:24 Another close up of him squishing the skull.
2.3 sec.

35:01 When doctor Madsen amputates Spence's arm several frames are missing. The next shot of Madsen pushing the arm aside and tying a rope around the stump is completely missing in the USV.
4.1 sec.

43:17 When Steve shoots off the demon's head a shot is missing.
1 sec.

44:41 Longer of one of the demons biting Vincent's face with a lot of blood splattering.
4.2 sec.

45:38 We see the demon longer who gets the shovel rammed in his face by Steve.
1 sec.

46:03 Spence spits a lot more blood. After that, further shots of the demon ripping guts out of his stomach and biting in them. Oodles of blood are splattering.
4 sec.

46:05 When Arthur smashes the demon's head with the hammer the end of the close up and the complete next shot are missing.
0.9 sec.

46:07 The smashed face of the demon falling to the ground cannot be seen.
0.6 sec.

46:20 Arthur and Steve keep hitting the demon on the floor with the hammer and the shovel like crazy. At last Arthur hits him heavily on the head with the hammer.
4.6 sec.

46:31 The demon who attacks Steve from behind rips off his head gorily and drinks the blood which is sputtering out.
1.4 sec.

47:25 After Alice has cut the old demon's throat the end of the shot of him standing there stertorously is missing in the USV.
0.4 sec.

56:47 Jimmy hits the guard on the head with a fire extinguisher, once more, a lot of splattering blood.
1.5 sec.

57:03 Close up of the guard with the pole in his neck and blood splattering out of the wound. After that, we see Anderson who is still talking to him. He pulls out the pole. The guard keeps on twitching.
14.5 sec.

58:35 Anderson hits the guard who is on the ground two more times on his head with a spanner. A view of the victims bloody face just as a shot of Anderson from the guard's point of view. Blood is running over the camera.
1.4 sec.

72:35 The scene of Jimmy imagining raping Alice is longer. Also, the beginning of the shot of Jimmy throwing the money in the air is missing because of that.
4.8 sec.

73:15 A dismembered body can be seen (this time from Madsen's point of view).
0.8 sec.

82:19 The very gory close up of Madsen operating George at his testicle is missing in the USV.
3 sec.

88:28 When Jimmy shoots George the end of the shot of Jimmy with the firing weapon is missing, so is the complete next short shot of the head shot.
0.3 sec.

90:54 Beginning of a shot of two demons being fired at. The left one in the frame has blood splattering from his head.
0.5 sec.

91:18 We see the puddle of blood in front of the door longer.
1 sec.

91:30 Beginning of the shot of the three demons. One of them chewing on Shawn's ripped out leg.
1.9 sec.

92:03 Anderson is chipping the demon on the ground a few times more often with the ax. Blood id splattering.
3.8 sec.

92:05 He chops off one of his arms.
1.7 sec.

92:09 Now, the head gets separated, too.
1.8 sec.

92:16 When Jimmy splits the demon lengthwise we see him standing behind the two blood splattering body parts longer. The beginning of the next shot of him is also missing.
1.2 sec.

92:27 Short close up of the chainsaw entering one of the demon's body and blood splattering.
0.8 sec.

92:32 The body of the victim is falling apart in two parts.
1 sec.

92:36 We see the headless demon and Jimmy longer. The demon is falling.
1.6 sec.

92:48 The ax is stuck in the face of the demon child (longer).
0.5 sec.

92:50 Beginning of a shot in which Jimmy's face is being mashed by a demon.
0.9 sec.

93:07 Anderson rams the dagger several times in the body of the demon lying on the ground.
10 sec.

97:52 Beginning of the shot of Alice before she overturns. blood is sputtering out of the hole in her forehead.
2,3 sec.