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  • Original Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Sep 28, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

With all the hype that went on around the 2013 reboot Evil Dead, we should not forget about the original trilogy that started all this. The three films have a cult following among movie geeks and the reboot is clever enough not to disrespect the iconic films it is based on. Since the original Evil Dead 2 had its 25th anniversary last year, it was time for the German distributor BMV Medien to put out a strongly limited release with a digipack that looks a lot like the famous book of evil. Apart from the boxing design, another specialty is that the Blu-ray features an Extended Cut that was made by BMV. It adds more than 2 minutes of footage. The quality of the scenes is not on the same level as the rest of the film, so if you're a geek for technical advances, this version is not for you. However, if you are a die hard Evil Dead fan, this extended version is a nice addition that fans might appreciate since they usually want more of the stuff they love. Unfortunately, this strongly limited release appears to be sold out already, so chances are that you'd have to look for it at ebay and be prepared to pay considerably more than what the initial price was.

Comparison between the Original Version and the Extended Cut (both included on the German Blu-ray by BMV Medien / StudioCanal).

13 differences, consisting of
7 scenes with alternate material
5 extended scenes
1 additional scene

The Extended Cut runs 158.4 sec. or approx. 2 minutes 39 seconds longer than the Original Version.

Alternate Material
0:05:15: The OV has Ash rushing up from his seat while the EX includes an insert of Ash getting up from his chair and looking around worried.
The EX runs 2.72 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Alternate Material
0:07:30: Both versions have a different take of the possessed Ash lying in the puddle and getting his head out of it. The EX is considerably longer and shows that the sun affects him.
The EX runs 25.4 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Alternate Material
0:19:44: When Ah sits in the chair and is quite perplex about the recent events, Linda's head falls into his lap. Again, the EX is much longer.
The EX runs 24 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Alternate Material
0:20:19: In both versions, we have different shots of Linda's head that talks to Ash and greets him. The EX has as an exclusive that Linda's tongue rushes into his mouth and causes him some trouble.
The EX runs 17.88 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Extended Scene
0:22:09: Linda's torso has the chainsaw stuck in the neck and her body tries longer to get Ash, who manages to get away every time she chases him. Linda's head observes the action from the bench vise it is stuck in.
18.72 sec.

Extended Scene
0:35:26: Ash has more stress in the EX when the blood fountains continue gushing out of the walls. They change their color from red to green, to black and finally white/transparent.
24.12 sec.

Extended Scene
0:47:28: Ed's halved skull can be seen.
1.4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:47:31: The possessed Ed lies on the ground and twitches.
1.8 sec.

Extended Scene
0:47:41: The cut-off half of Ed's head can be seen lying on the floor.
2,36 sec.

Additional Scene
1:01:28: The demonized Ash takes a journey through the forest, discovers an animal and bites off its head. He then spits it out and throws the rest away. He screams "Annie!" and then continues his march.
27.24 sec.

Alternate Material
1:07:11: Demon-Ash mourns differently in both cuts as the amulet prompts him to think about his dead girlfriend. The EX is longer here.
The EX runs 8.84 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Alternate Material
1:13:58: When the demon mother rises out of the trapdoor, we have different takes again. In the OV, we see Annie in the foreground, in the EX it's the mother on her own.
The EX runs 1.4 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut

Alternate Material
1:14:40: The OV has the demon mother grabbing Ash's jaw while the EX has her pushing down his chainsaw arm and then grabbing his throat.
The EX runs 2,52 sec. longer

Original VersionExtended Cut