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Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

original title: AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem


  • Unrated BluRay
  • Unrated DVD
Release: May 27, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The BluRay Disc contains the R-Rated as well as the Unrated in very good quality. Although especially the second difference between the Unrated Version on BluRay and that on DVD does seem like censorship, it is not very likely that it actually is. What's more likely, is that the Seamless Branching is responsible for this flaw. With Seamless Branching several parts of a movie can be joined while watching, so that two versions of the same movie can be contained on one disc without actually storing two whole movies on the disc. Only the differing scenes are contained twice and are played during the movie in the proper spots without interrupting the movie. So in this case, it is very likely that the scenes simply have been forgotten in the production process.

Running time of both versions: 01:40.59 Min. NTSC with ending credits
Running time of both versions: 01:36.00 Min. NTSC without ending credits

Comparison between the US-DVD: 20th Century Fox (Unrated) and the US-BluRay: 20th Century Fox (Unrated).

Two differences = no time difference

Note: Due to the extreme darkness in the movie all screenshots had to be brightened up drastically. They do not represent the actual image quality of either the DVD or the BluRay.
Alternative material:
Time index RR: 19.14
Time index UR: 19.29

As the Predalien devours the homeless woman in the sewage tunnel, alternative shots have been used in both versions. On the BluRay (just as in the R-Rated) we see the Predalien from behind, while on the DVD we see a close up of the lower body of the woman.
No time difference


Alternative material:
Time index RR: 00:56.05
Time index UR: 01:22.39

When Jessy is nailed to the wall by the Predators throwing blades, the DVD Version shows her lower body dropping to the floor on its own - along with the appropriate sound effects.
On the BluRay (just as in the R-Rated) she remains in one piece.
No time difference