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Terror in the Aisles


  • Original Version
  • US TV Version
Release: Feb 14, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Original Version (German Blu-ray) and the US TV Version (German VHS)

73 differences & 2x alternate order of scenes hence
* 17x additional footage in the US TV Version
* 58x additional footage in the Original Version

Length difference: 751.2 sec (= 12:31 min)
* Additional footage US TV Version: 1065.1 sec (= 17:45 min)
* Additional footage Original Version: 313.9 sec (= 5:14 min)

Terror in the Aisles (1984) is a dashing "best of horror flicks from the last few decades" kind of movie: Mainly but not permanently, shocking scenes from Universal movies are being presented to the audience, just one after another. Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen are acting as hosts who mention different topics and several scenes from several movies are the consequence. Certainly, one might argue how entertaining something like that can actually be but the shopping list character is undeniable. Unfortunately, Terror in the Aisles never reveals from which movie the scene currently on screen originates from and the lists in the end credits or the IMDB appears to be incomplete.

In the US, Terror in the Aisles was released on DVD in 2011. The release is uncensored and yet, there is a further, a longer version with more than 12 additional minutes. This means in addition to the cuts, a lot of footage has been added as some kind of replacement. Well, the explanation is simple: The longer version is the US TV Version which is also why things like the naked butt from American Werewolf, other scenes that contain nudity or swear words such as "Jesus!" are missing. Nonetheless, the US TV Version is a nice little bonus to the Original Version due to the almost 20 minutes of clips that are not in the Original Version.

Time index refers to
Original Version (Blu-ray)/ US TV Version (German VHS in PAL)
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The tape contains a Virgin logo.

00:21 / 00:28-01:12

The Blu-ray lacks the first few shots.

At least on the German tape, there is a narrator. Unfortunately, it could not be determined whether or not this is also the case in the original English US TV Version.

US TV Version 44.6 sec longer

Cut in the US TV Version
06:17-06:19 / 07:00

"Bruce" from Jaws does not get to attack in the US TV Version.

+ 2 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
06:21-06:23 / 07:02

Prior to the shot of Brody, the shot of the water turning red is longer.

+ 1.5 sec

07:10 / 07:48-08:09

Subsequent to the scene from Halloween, the US TV Version contains a scene from Jaws: Richard Dreyfuss dives to a wreck and finds bodies down there.

20.9 sec

10:39 / 11:29-11:52

Before the scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the US TV Version contains a scene from The Funhouse: The woman is being choked.

23.8 sec

11:47-11:48 / 12:57-13:23

Subsequent to Leatherface's appearance, the US TV Version contains another scene from Jaws.

The following shot of Donald Pleasance in the movie theater starts insignificantly earlier in the Original Version (no screenshots).

US TV Version 24.6 sec longer

12:21 / 13:55-14:01

Once again, the US TV Version contains an additional scene. This time, it is a scene from The Legacy.

6 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
13:27-13:29 / 15:04

The US TV Version lacks the famous exploding head scene from Scanners.

+ 1.8 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
14:57-15:03 / 16:29

Before the shot of the cat's eyes, the alien actually attacks in a rather bloody way.

+ 5.4 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
15:22-15:43 / 16:47

Michael earlier in the house. As a result, one gets to see some nudity when he enters the room.

+ 20.6 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
15:48-15:55 / 16:52

The scene is longer: Michael (literally) takes a stab at it.

+ 7.1 sec

Cut in the US TV Version
17:39-17:43 / 18:31

The camera zooms out a little further. Consequently, the American Werewolf footage now also shows the butt. Subsequently, a few close-ups are missing.

+ 4.3 sec

Alternate / Cut in the US TV Version
18:12-18:49 / 18:58-21:12

Here, the US TV Version contains several additional scenes. Starting with a long scene from Firestarter to which a comment regarding the technical development in the process of film-making has been added.

The Original Version on the other hand shows one of the famous scenes from The Exorcist instead (more detailed than the short scene in the US TV Version prior to his). In addition to that, there is also a bloody highlight from Scanners and last but not least, a shocked audience.

US TV Version 98.2 sec (= 1:38 min) longer
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