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Last Man on Earth, The

original title: Ultimo uomo della Terra, L'


  • US Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Jul 01, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US Version (included on the German Blu-ray by Savoy/Sunfilm) and the Italian DVD released by RHV.

A terrible disease that turns people into living dead on a hunt for blood spreads throughout the USA and claims a lot of victims. The government's only activity is to collect all the recently deceased and burn them in a pit. Scientist Dr. Robert Morgan works on an antidote, yet cannot prevent his daughter's and wife's death. For unknown reasons he seems to be immune to the disease and stays behind - seemingly as the last man on earth who locks himself in from vampires at night and goes out for a hunt to releases tortured souls from their misery at day. Disillusioned from life he one day runs into Ruth Collins who does not seem to be hit by the disease yet. He brings her home, only to find out about her terrible secret...

Originally, Richard Matheson's novel "I Am Legend" - the author also worked on the movie script - was supposed to be turned into a movie by the Hammer Studios. However, when they lost interested, the script was turned to their US-partner Robert L. Lippert, who then shot the movie in Italy. Especially the scenes that were shout outside make you wonder time and again wehter or not this actually takes place in the USA, given that the architecture is way different. Apart from that, "The Last Man on Earth" is an exciting and thrilling movie about the end of the world and a civilisation, that springs from it. Morgan, who tries to keep old habits alive in the end has to realize, that he in fact is the monster - an aspect, that the remakes from 1971 ("The Omega-Man") and 2007 ("I am Legend") did not include. The wandering vampires, that gather in front of Morgan's door at night, were an inspiration for George A. Romero's zombies in "Night of the Living Dead".

In Italy, Ripley's Home Video released an alternative cut on DVD, which apart from some cuts to the actual movie took out all English text, sometimes by replacing it with alternative footage. Interestingly enough, there are two longer sequences that all prior releases had been missing out on. After Morgan's daughter's funeral there is a dilog between him and his wife. Also, the conversation between Morgan and Ruth before the latter goes to bed is longer, too. The first scene is in Italian with optional English subtitles, while the second scene includes the English soundtrack.


German Blu-ray: 86:44 min.
Italian DVD: 85:18 min.

The Italian version misses out on a shot of the houses.

US Version: 4 sec.


A shot of the street is missing in the Italian Version.

US Version: 4 sec.


Again, two missing sequences.

US Version: 5 sec.


A shot of lifeless bodies is missing.

US Version: 3 sec.


Another shot is missing that shows a lifeless body.

US Version: 2 sec.


The US-Version shows a staircase, followed by a church sign that says "The End has come".

The Italian Version instead shows the city with clouds of smoke, followed by a shot of woods.

US Version: 9 sec.
Italian Version: 9 sec.


The Italian Version shows a translated newspaper.

US Version: 5 sec.
Italian Version: 5 sec.



US Version: 4 sec.
Italian Version: 4 sec.


A sign was replaced: The US Version is a little longer, since it includes a transition to the next scene.

US Version: 3 sec.
Italian Version: 2 sec.


The insitute's sign was translated.

US Version: 3 sec.
Italian Version: 3 sec.


Morgan walks to the pit a little longer. This was probably cut out since we can see an English sign in the background.

US Version: 2 sec.


A short missing shot of Morgan in front of a sign.

US Version: 1 sec.


Morgan is sitting in the living room. His wife Virginia comes in and says that he should take a rest. He reproaches her with turning their daughter over to the government forces. He at least wished a funeral. Virginia says that they are both still alive and should not fight. Morgan apologizes. Virgina says that they should have a baby once this is all over with. Morgan kisses her.

Italian Version: 1:26 min.


The US Version we can see a vampire hitting the window.

In the Italian version, the scene continues. Ruth stands up while Morgan walks over to the table and says that he no longer wishes for a society, since the world has come to an end anyway. Ruth asks for his wife and Morgan explains that she has also died of the disease. He buried her and one night, she came back. Ruth asks what he plans to do now, yet Morgan says that he does not know. Ruth is tired and wants to sleep. Morgan offers her the bedroom.

US Version: 3 sec.
Italian Version: 1:26 Min.


The men follow the car a little longer.

US Version: 2 sec.


In the Italian version, we now see the scene which was cut before.

The US Version shows an exterior shot of the house.

US Version: 3 sec.
Italian Version: 2 sec.


Morgan walks towards the building a little longer. He fires at his followers. Inside the building, there is more shooting. Morgan flees to the armory.

US Version: 27 sec.