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Friday the 13th (2009)


  • Theatrical version
  • Killer Cut
Release: Jun 22, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
The movie:
In times like these when old and formerly successful movie-franchises either get sequels (Live Free or Die Hard), remakes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) or even better: reboots (Halloween) it was just a matter of time that somebody would take care of the cult killer Jason Voorhees and his Friday the 13th-series. The German director Marcus Nispel (TCM, Pathfinder) happened to be the chosen one, Michael Bay (Transformers) became one of the producers. Having a relatively small budget of 19 million Dollars it made 65 million Dollars at the box office just in the USA and almost 91 million Dollars worldwide. If you add the following DVD- and Blu-ray-sales you can imagine that the producing studio should be pretty pleased. This would explain why there are rumors going around about a possible sequel.

The Killer Cut:
Already when the remake hit the theatres the producer revealed that there was going to be a longer version additional to the theatrical version when the movie is released on DVD. This version was said to contain "a whole new movie" and be called Killer Cut. The changes, however, are not that fundamental. The only huge difference is that the Killer Cut lets Whitney escape from her prison in Jason's catacombs for a short period of time but later he manages to catch her, again, anyway. The Killer Cut uses several scenes to treat this change. In those scenes a little bit more of Jason's historical background is being told, just like at the beginning, but that is also so marginal that it is not necessarily needed. The other added scenes are not very spectacular, a little more exploring the surrounding and so on.
When it comes to sex and violence the film is definitely a little more explicit than the Theatrical version. So much for all the conspiracy theorists who thought that the fact that both the Killer Cut and the Theatrical version got an R-Rating and that the Killer Cut is not labeled as an "Unrated" version would lead to the consequence that there cannot be any more violence. Altogether those little differences will probably be enough that Friday the 13th-fans will need the Killer Cut.

41 differences, being

5 additional scenes
9 scenes containing story extensions
12 scenes containing erotic (partially alternative footage)
15 scenes containing violence extension

The Killer Cut (Rated R) is 585.72 seconds or about 9 minutes 46 seconds longer than the Theatrical version (Rated R) (both from Warner).
Note: TV stands for Theatrical version, KC stands for Killer Cut
Story extension
The Killer Cut shows Mrs. Vorhees walking towards the girl then the young Jason is shown who watches the scenery from the copse.
The Killer Cut is 5.4 sec. longer

Story extension
TV: 0:02:31
Killer Cut: 0:02:37
The Theatrical version simply fades into a shot of the forest, the Killer Cut shows the young Jason walking through the forest.
The Killer Cut is 0.2 sec.longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Story extension
TV: 0:02:41
Killer Cut: 0:02:47
Again, the two versions show something different. The Theatrical version shows a shot of Mrs. Vorhees' amulet which is lying in the mud, the Killer Cut shows Jason coming from the background and bending down to pick it up.
The Killer Cut is 1.24 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Story extension
TV: 0:02:45
Killer Cut: 0:02:53
The Theatrical version shows the amulet once more from another perspective, the Killer Cut, however, shows Jason reaching for it.
The Killer Cut is 2.08 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Story extension
We see the young Jason leaving with the machete.
3 sec.

Alternative erotic
TV: 0:09:45
Killer Cut: 0:09:56
The two versions contain different salacious movements from Amanda, however, the changes are not really world-shaking.
No time difference

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Alternative erotic
TV: 0:09:51
Killer Cut: 0:10:02
There are also two different versions of the breasts being uncovered.
The Theatrical version is 1 frame (0,04 sec.) longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Alternative erotic
TV: 0:09:56
Killer Cut: 0:10:07
The Killer Cut celebrates the breasts being rubbed in with baby oil a little longer.
The Killer Cut is 4.44 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Alternative erotic
TV: 0:10:01
Killer Cut: 0:10:13
The Killer Cut contains one more shot with nudity.
The Killer Cut is 3 sec. longer

Alternative erotic
TV: 0:10:07
Killer Cut: 0:10:22
The Theatrical version shows Wade when he gives his respond, the Killer Cut, however, shows the naked breasts, again.
The Killer Cut is 1.88 sec longer.

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Additional erotic
KF: 0:15:51
Killer Cut: 0:16:07
Then the Theatrical version already shows the outside of the tent while the Killer Cut lets the two of them continue with their amorous play a little longer. At the beginning of this, we see Jason's shadow passing the tent.
11 sec.

Violence extension
0:19:34: The Killer Cut contains one more shot of the inside showing the sleeping bag in which Amanda is screaming for Richie in pain. Insert of Richie who is also screaming then back to Amanda.
7,44 sec.

Violence extension
0:21:26: Whitney climbs on the edge of the bathtub containing Mrs. Voorhees' separated mummified head.
5.04 sec.

Violence extension
0:21:36: Mike screams longer while he is crouching on the floor Whitney tries to reach him standing in the bath tub containing Mrs. Voorhees' head.
4.88 sec.

Alternative footage
TV: 0:22:54
Killer Cut: 23:34
The two versions show Jason in a different way. In the Theatrical version he is already running towards Richie and Whitney, in the Killer Cut he is just standing there calmly.
The Killer Cut is 1.44 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Violence extension
The machete is stuck in Richie's head longer, blood is running down his bridge.
1.44 sec.

0:40:53: The stoned farmer says to his stuffed bear: "Don't smoke my weed, motherfucker." and puts away the reefer.
3.24 sec.

New scene with alternative footage
TV: 0:47:03
Killer Cut: 0:47:51
While Jenna and Clay are entering Camp Crystal Lake in the Theatrical version, they do so in the Killer Cut, too, but here the surroundings already look different. Then a new scene in which Jenna tells that she is not really into camping and Clay suggests to search the cabins for his sister. When they enter one of the cabins the Theatrical version joins in, again.
59.56 sec.

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Story extension with alternative footage
TV: 0:54:01
Killer Cut: 0:55:39
Now, the two versions contain the "main difference" in the plot. In order to keep the scene description as clear as possible only the new footage of the Killer Cuts has been pictured. However all the doubled scenes with the Theatrical version have been subducted from the running time.

Theatrical version: Whitney is captured in Jason's dungeon and finds the GPS-device in the backpack of her brother Clay, she pulls a wire out of it and tries to open her handcuffs. Suddenly, Jason appears and stops her. He seems to be outraged by the attempted escape and is only calmed down because Whitney is wearing the amulet with his mother's picture around her neck. She tells him everything is alright and he walks away breathing heavily. Then Whitney is sitting there crying and looking at her handcuffs.

Killer Cut: Whitney is being captured in Jason's dungeon he returns and sharpens his machete at a grinder. He starts having memories and we see once again how his mother was beheaded by the young woman. He freaks out and throws stuff around before he goes to the screaming Whitney, is calmed down by the amulet and then leaves. Then comes the scene of Whitney pulling the wire out of GPS-device and trying to get rid of her handcuffs. In the Killer Cut she even is successful at that.
The Killer Cut is 91.28 sec. longer

Story extension
0:59:32: Whitney actually manages to open the handcuffs with the wire and runs through a hallway into a room. There, she falls and is horrified because the room is full of dead bodies. She climbs over them to a hatch and climbs out. She runs from the house above it through the camp to the lake.
106.04 sec.

Additional erotic
1:04:49: Trent and Bree are kissing she removes his shirt a bit and pushes him to the bed.
6.44 sec.

Alternative erotic
TV: 1:00:27
Killer Cut: 1:05:02
A slightly longer shot of Bree losing her bra and Trent touching her.
The Killer Cut is 1.88 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Alternative erotic
TV: 1:00:38
Killer Cut: 1:05:15
The two versions show Bree and Trent kissing differently, in the Killer Cut she starts working on his zipper.
The Killer Cut is 9.28 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Alternative erotic
TV: 1:02:33
Killer Cut: 1:07:29
While the Theatrical version shows Bree filming Trent with a video camera and the the camera pans to the screen, the sex is longer and more explicit in the Killer Cut.
The Killer Cut is 9 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Violence extension
1:10:23: Jason presses the screwdriver to Chewie's neck longer, a wave of blood is spraying out.
2.24 sec.

Violence extension
1:10:26: Again, Chewie is being tortured by Jason a bit longer.
2.08 sec.

Violence extension with alternative footage
1:10:30: In the profile shot Jason presses the screwdriver against Chewie's neck noticeably longer and Chewie spits blood one more time. The different shot that the Theatrical version uses at the beginning is so irrelevent that it is not being pictured.
4.16 sec.

Violence extension with alternative footage
1:10:36: Also this shot is noticeably longer and more intense in the Killer Cut. Chewie is gurgling because of all the blood. Picturing the Theatrical version was unnecessary, again.
3.8 sec.

Violence extension
1:10:45: The Killer Cut shows Chewie's head slightly longer before Jason drops his victim.
1.12 sec.

Violence extension
1:10:59: The Killer Cut shows the dead Chewie lying on the floor one more time.
3.88 sec.

Story extension + Alternative erotic
1:11:02: Actually these are 3 new smaller scenes in the Killer Cut. But since they are directly linked the listing counts them as one. In order to further the "new" storyline about Whitney's escape in the Killer Cut this version contains a short shot of her running through the forest. Then there is a cut to Bree and Trent having sex, Bree indicates that she is about to reach climax. Then we see Whitney, again, still running towards the house.
22.88 sec.

Alternative erotic + new scene
TV: 1:05:37
KC: 1:08:08
The two versions contain different a view of the amorous play of Bree and Trent. Then, the Killer Cut also shows Jason who looks at the utility shed in which Chewie is looking for tools (at this point Chewie is not dead, yet, so this scene is a little shifted in the Killer Cut).
The Killer Cut is 16.92 sec. longer

Alternative erotic + story extension
TV: 1:05:41
KC: 1:11:21
Here is the continuation of the alternative story line in the Killer Cut. For a clearer view both versions are being described and pictured.

Theatrical version: Bree and Trent reach the finale of her bed acrobatics. In the background we suddenly see Jason standing in front of the window. Bree rolls off Trent and they memorize their act. Then there is already the shot of the outside of the house where there is a sudden blackout.

Killer Cut: The sex between Bree and Trent is way longer and shown in different shots. In between, we see Whitney running towards the house and then when she has almost reached the window Jason catches her, holds his hand against her mouth and carries her away while Bree and Trent do not even notice her. Then the sex is over, here too, and they tell each other how awesome it was what they have just experienced. Then a scene outside of the house of Jason carrying away the struggling Whitney.
The Killer Cut is 24.68 sec. longer

Theatrical versionKiller Cut

Violence extension
1:22:24: Clay and Jenna run past a whirlpool with the dead body of Lawrence with an axe in the back in it. The water has turned red and the camera tracks over it for a while.
17.68 sec.

Violence extension
1:24:14: Trent has a far more brutal death in the Killer Cut. Jason lifts him up and presses the machete further through his chest.
4.4 sec.

Violence extension
1:24:20: Here, too, the Killer Cut contains a longer violence scene of Trent's death. Jason presses the machete further through his chest (everything supported by appropriate sound effects) while the man on the steering wheel desperately tries to start the engine. Then a shot of the floor with gobs of blood on it.
13.4 sec.

Violence extension with alternative footage
1:24:34: After Trent got spiked on the poles of the truck by Jason in both versions the Killer Cut contains one more shot of Trent's face, then the man manages to start the engine and the car starts driving. Instead, the Theatrical version contains a slightly longer and different shot of Trent which is, however, so irrelevant that it is not being pictured.
2.6 sec.

Violence extension
1:24:50: On their escape Clay and Jenna find Chelsea's dead body and then continue running.
17 sec.

New scene
1:25:08: Clay and Jenna run to the camp, Clay checks the situation and says they have to take that way.
7.2 sec.

New scene
1:26:12: Irrelevant extension. They sneak through the house longer and there is a tracking shot to the bathroom.
26.52 sec.

New scene
TV: 1:30:20
Killer Cut: 1:37:36
While the Theatrical version fades from Jason's face directly to the landing stage the Killer Cut contains a shot of Clay and Whitney hugging just as several tracking shots of various places where Jason has raged.
76 sec.