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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 30, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical version (Rated R) has been compared to the Unrated / Extended version (both found on the US-DVD by 20th Century Fox)

Theatrical Version: 102:16 min with credits in NTSC
Unrated: 107:23 min with credits in NTSC

- 66 altered parts, including
* 29x alternative footage
* 11 edits
* 6 parts that are longer in the theatrical version

- Difference: 307 sec (= 5:07 min)

The film

The concept seemed perfect: Megan Fox lures in the male audience, and the slang-term drenched dialogues originate from a screenplay written by Diablo Cody, who became famous with Juno and emphasized earlier that gal power is a big deal this time again. Crush boy Adam Brody was on board as well, and the whole thing was produced by Jason Reitman, who already knew Cody because of Juno.
The film is about the friendship between sexy cheerleader Jennifer (Megan Fox) and reluctant nerd Needy (Amanda Seyfried), which begins to totter after the gig of a mysterious Indie-Rockband (lead by Brody who Jennifer is hitting on). The next morning, namely, Jennifer appears blood-splattered in Needy's apartment and seems to have literally turned into a man-eating vamp.

The advertisement campaign therefore concentrated on Ms. Fox' charms. The expected success was absent, though, the movie merely grossed the production costs with an outcome of 16 million dollars in the States. But of course, it couldn't be resisted to take the craving boys' fancy, which leads us to the reason for this report.

The versions

That's because a cropped Megan Fox is looking at any interested person on DVD and Blu-Ray (US-Release: 12.29.2009), on her body is the well-known Unrated-label, written in blood. Ah, probably more sex or at least nudity and gore - you might think so...

Think again, not a single extension was made in any of the in any way censorship-suspect scenes. So much beforehand, but still, you should not label the new version a rip-off. On the contrary - as the almost 70 alterations make you expect, this film was redone with care. It's actually a real shame that the unrated-label, which makes anybody cherish false hopes, but surely is promotionally effective, imperatively had to be used. The term Extended Director's Cut, which director Karyn Kusama uses in the audio commentary (the theatrical version has one over the entire length of the movie, the unrated-version only has the option to turn it on at the altered scenes), surely fits better.

Even though many single changes seem small and petty, this version definetly emphasizes Needy's viewpoint much better. Especially in the opening scene, this is noticeable. The unrated cut shows the tracking shot later and starts with Needy in the asylum - just as in Diablo Cody's master. During the fire breaking out as the band perform their gig, the unrated version deviates frequently and leaves the option of everything just happening in Needy's head through numerous shots of her. The finale was edited pretty drastically, and there are a few little extensions here. Before that, the unrated cut features more or less emotional moments with the victim's relatives. Whether this makes the movie more interesting, is, of course, up to the viewer.

Runtime designations are ordered in the following way:
Theatrical Cut in NTSC / Unrated in NTSC
00:25-01:43 / 00:25 resp 04:07-05:30

The unrated version immediately starts off with Needy, whereas the TC starts with the tracking shot to Jennifer's home. This scene was reimplemented later in the unrated cut (between the shot of the waterfall and the one of Jennifer's photograph) - but with two changes.

00:41 / 04:24-04:31

Another tracking shot to the house and the aerobic-session on TV in close-ups.

Alternate footage
01:29-01:43 / 05:19-05:30

Completely different course at the end of the scene.

The Theatrical Cut shows Jennifer on the bed, looking to the window. This is shown once more, Needy has disappeared now. Jennifer convolves on the bed again, and you hear Needy's commentary: "Hell is a teenage girl."

The Unrated cut now shows a closer view of Needy at the window and then much more exhausted looking Jennifer on the bed. Needy annotates: "Jennifer didn't always look this rough."

(Then, this version features the photograph of her as a cheerleader, which works pretty good as a contrast)

Unrated 4.5 sec longer

Sound change
01:58-02:13 / 00:40-01:00

The first voice-overs of Needy differ - at "I'm kinda the shit" both soundtracks are the same again after the following words.

Theatrical Cut: "I guess, I'm not exactly perfect myself. But at least I have my fans. I mean, I get letters every day. Mostly from perverts and chesters, but still..."

Unrated: "Every day I get letters. I think I get more letters than Santa Claus, Zac Efron and Dr. Phil combined."

Screenshots for Classification

Alternate footage
03:45-03:46 / 02:27-02:28

The TC keeps showing Needy all the time as she says "I recommend you shut the fuck up!", whereas the unrated version shortly shows the nurse she just hit.

no time difference

Theatrical CutUnrated

Alternate footage
13:39 / 13:43

In the unrated cut, Dirk is shown slightly longer, the TC shows the following shot earlier in return.

TC 0.4 sec longer

Theatrical CutUnrated

Alternate footage
13:45-13:46 / 13:49-13:50

The TC shows Needy approaching the two, the Unrated shows Dirk pettily longer (not picturized) then the following shot of Nikolai much earlier.

Unrated 0.1 sec longer

Theatrical CutUnrated

13:47 / 13:51-13:57

The unrated version shows Nikolai longer, and after the reimplemented take of approaching Needy, Dirk remarks something.
"Fine. Okay? You know, I'm not just your bassist. I'm a person with feelings who happens to play the bass..."

5,8 sec

Alternate footage
13:49 / 13:59-14:02

In the TC only Needy 0.2 sec longer (not picturized).

In the unrated version, the discussion between Nikolai and Dirk continues;
Dirk: "I'd like a little respect around here."
Nikolai: "Look, I didn't know you had feelings. Hey."

The following shot of him starts earlier than in the TC, too (the latter one starts as he turns back).

Unrated 3.2 sec longer

14:15 / 14:28

View of Jennifer 4 negligible frames longer.

0.2 sec

16:09 / 16:23-16:24

Nikolai is shown a little longer, and the the following take of Needy and Jennifer starts much earlier, too.

1.5 sec

16:13 / 16:28-16:29

The two are shown a little longer (before the close-up of their hands).

0,8 sec

16:16 / 16:32-16:33

The hands slightly longer and the following take earlier in the unrated version.

1.7 sec

Alternate footage
16:19-16:20 / 16:36-16:38

Now, in the Theatrical Cut the two slightly longer, then a view of Nikolai.

The unrated version offers a slightly longer shot of Needy looking to the side.

Unrated 0.8 sec longer

Alternative footage
16:21-16:28 / 16:39-16:41

The unrated version shows Needy again.

The theatrical cut first shows the fire longer, then Nikolai again. Then the camera moves toward Jennifer and another short view of Nikolai.

TC 5.4 sec longer

Alternative footage
16:30-16:40 / 16:43-16:49

The Theatrical version moves up the wall slightly longer and between two shots of Nikolai, the fire which is crawling up the wall. Finally another view of fascinated Jennifer.

The Unrated cut on the other hand shows Needy several times, watching the fire crawling up the walls (in different shots).

TC 3.9 sec longer

Alternate footage
16:41 / 16:50-16:51

After an identical take of the burning joist, you see it in the TC a few frames longer (not picturized), whereas the unrated shows Needy another time and the following shot starts earlier.

Unrated 1.2 sec longer

Alternate footage
16:42-16:43 / 16:52-17:06

The shot is slightly longer in the unrated cut, then Needy again as well as further takes of fire spreading and a longer shot of the Barkeeper.

The Theatrical Version only shows the barkeeper, but another, shorter part of the take.

Unrated 12.4 sec longer

16:45 / 17:08-17:13

The fire on the table a little longer, then Needy in the crowd and the drummer.

5 sec

Alternate footage / edit
16:46-16:54 / 17:14-17:18

In the Theatrical Cut Nikolai and Dirk on stage are shown a little longer, then a similar, though for continuity reasons mirror-inverted, shot of Needy in the crowd. The band again (Nikolai is grinning), then Needy and an explosion - afore-said last shot is later in the unrated cut, see next change.

The unrated version only shows vacant Jennifer and a close-up of Needy's eyes including reflection in her glasses (the latter one can be seen in the TC later as well).

TC 4 sec longer

Alternate footage / edit
16:55-16:59 / 17:19-17:34

After two identical takes the versions differ again - three variances (additional footage in the unrated version before and after the shots that are contained there, too) are being summarized here.

Theatrical Cut:

A woman is being pressed on the ground and cannot get up any more, in between a short close-up of Needy's eyes. Finally a close take of a burning bar visitor.

Unrated cut:

Except the earlier shown close-up of Needy's eyes, the same takes from the TC are contained in the unrated version, but there are several other view of Needy as well as the panic inside the bar in between.
A couple in the middle of the room, the man holds the woman in his arms, while chairs are being thrown around him. This scene is features in the TC shortly after, but without edit to Needy (see next change).
Lastly also the explosion, shown earlier in the TC.

Unrated 11.4 sec longer

Alternate footage
17:02-17:05 / 17:37-17:39

Here, now also in the TC, man and woman in the middle of the flames (not picturized again).

The unrated cut shows only one other take, depicting parts of the bar collapsing and people running around frantically.

TC 0.7 sec longer

17:07 / 17:41-17:43

The unrated version shows Needy's eyes again and another view of the fire.

2.1 sec

Alternate footage
18:26-18:31 / 19:02-19:11

Slightly different process as Jennifer gets in Nikolai's van. The boldly marked words by Needy are only heard in the unrated version, therefore different takes have been used.
"Let's just get out of here! Let's go to L.O.O. and get some Northwoods Nachos with extra badger sauce. Please? I'm starving."

Theatrical Cut:
Again, Jennifer before the car, then Needy again and finally a close-up of Jennifer.

Unrated cut:
Showing longer Needy, then Jennifer before the car (the same take has been used, the two changes before and after were only summarized for clarity reasons), another take of Needy and then again Jennifer, further away from the car.

Unrated 4.3 sec longer

Theatrical CutUnrated

Alternate footage
18:43 / 19:23

Nikolai closing the car door is shown about half a second longer in the TC, only in the moment of the explosion in the background, the take of Needy takes place.
The unrated cut though shows her earlier for the respective number of frames.

no time difference

Theatrical cutUnrated

Only theatrical cut
19:24-19:32 / 20:05

In the TC, you see the van drive into the darkness again.

+ 7.5 sec

34:16 / 34:49-34:53

In the unrated cut, Mr. Wroblewski is seen a little longer after Jonas' voice-over scream: He locks the car door and walks forwards.

3.6 sec

Only theatrical cut
36:07 / 36:44

Needy is shown a little longer in the TC.
Also, in the unrated version, the guitar-sound starts, which begins in the TC only during the next take after the woman's "No!"

+ 0.7 sec

36:17 / 36:53-36:55

In the unrated cut, Jonas is being carried away on the stretcher a little longer.

1.7 sec

Alternate footage
36:21-36:25 / 36:59-37:27

The theatrical cut only shows a view from above.

The unrated cut features the mother slightly longer, then the policewoman approaches and says "We will get the man who did this to your son. Hear me."
Now the father threatens the culprit, lastly also during a similar view from above (a lter part of the take, as you can tell by the children on the left side);
"I'll kill him myself. I will. Do you hear me, you bastard? I'll cut off your nut sack and nail it to my door like one of those lion door knockers rich folks got! That will be your balls!"

Unrated 23.7 sec longer

Alternate footage
36:43-36:44 / 37:45

The TC shows Jennifer's frontal view about half a second longer, the unrated cut shows the view from above correspondingly sooner.

no time difference

Theatrical cutUnrated

39:30 / 40:31-40:33

The unrated now shows a strange shot of a woman watching the talk between Needy and Niedermeyer, in addition you hear insects in the air.

The director names this extension as an example for the phrasing "letting the freak flag high a little bit higher", which was used when the extended version was first announced.

1.8 sec

44:57 / 46:00-46:05

The unrated cut interrupts the view on Jennifer and Needy with a slow-motion shot of walking away Colin.

According to audio commentary, the next victim was supposed to be brought closer to the audience and made sympathetic by this.

4.6 sec

Alternate footage
57:26-57:39 / 58:34-58:57

Another nightmare of Needy.

The theatrical cut fades to white earlier from Needy and then shows two dark scenes with mutated Jennifer (with a blood-splattered mouth on the street and in Needy's apartment, she asks "Are you scared?").

The unrated version first shows her about seven seconds longer, also she remembers a positive, but just as surrealistic seeming moment. In slow-motion, you see Needy cheer still healthy and cheerleading Jennifer.

Unrated 10.2 sec longer

Theatrical cutUnrated

Annotation: Due to the darker color scheme of the TC, the colors differ in the next, in both versions contained, shot.

Theatrical cutUnrated

Alternate footage
59:25-59:26 / 60:43-60:45

In the TC, Needy bows down to Jennifer in the same shot, the unrated cut shows this in an additional and slightly longer sideway shot.

Unrated 1.1 sec longer

Theatrical cutUnrated

Alternate footage
64:08-64:09 / 65:27-65:31

The TC shows only a shot of whining Jennifer.

The unrated version shows Jennifer proposing another alternate source of income (the first words can be heard as a voiceover during the previous shot):
"Why don't you just get a publicist? We can make T-shirts. I could be a part of your street scene. Please."
Nikolai (voiceover): "Sorry. No can do."

Unrated 2,8 sec longer

Theatrical cutUnrated

Alternate footage
69:32-69:37 / 70:54-72:30

The theatrical cut switches earlier from a long shot to a shot of Needy.

The unrated version, though shows Colin Gray's burial much longer. His emo-friends make some commentary at the grave, then the mother, pretty amusingly, explains them who really has to suffer right now.

A boy sobs: "Colin! Take me with you! I belong down the darkness!"
The girl next to him calms him: "No, Kevin. Those are just his earthly remains. He's among the dark angels of the realm now. Fly, Colin. Fly into the firmament."
They cry and Kevin says: "Colin wouldn't like this."
The mother, who was already earlier looking sceptically barges in: "You think so? Yeah, you're right. I'm pretty sure my son wouldn't have liked being eaten by a fucking cannibal...and buried before his 18th birthday. Wow. You must have known him so well."
She sits up, her husband tries to withhold her for a short time: "Jill..." She continues: "By the time they found Colin in that godforsaken house, he looked like lasagna with teeth. I'd know. I had to identify the remains. My boy is not in the realm of the undead. He is not flying around in the firmament on magical wings of flame. He's in an overpriced rosewood box that's headed six feet downtown. So you can take your pain and you can shove it up your asses, kids. I got the monopoly on pain."

According to AC, the point was mostly to deepen the murder's effects to the relatives, but especially to observing Needy.

Unrated 91 sec longer

Alternate footage
69:43-69:49 / 72:36-72:45

Alternate shots of Needy.
The one in the TC is slightly longer, but in return the unrated cut shows the following shot of the school much earlier.

Unrated 3 sec longer

Theatrical cutUnrated

Alternatives Bildmaterial
76:28-76:29 / 79:24-79:38

The theatrical version shows the school about half a second longer from outside.

In the unrated cut, though, you see the two emo-kids inside walking through the room earlier.
The girl from the funeral makes balloons burst with a needle and connotates: "This is my heart. My soul. Everything I once believed in."
Her friend says: "Your abortion. Your other abortion."
With an angry look on her face she answers: "I hate your guts, Madison."

Unrated 12,9 sec longer

76:42 / 79:51-79:52

Needy meaningless 0.2 sec earlier, then the shot of the emo-kids slightly earlier.

1.4 sec

The following several edits are due to the director wanting to fit the moment in which Jennifer kisses Chip better with the music in the school. The two's respective scenes were therefore often used earlier a little.

77:31 bzw 77:37-78:06 / 80:41-81:15

Before Mr. Wroblewski welcomes the pupils, the unrated cut shows Chip walking around outside, being surprised by Jennifer - this scene is featured in the TC only shortly after in a cut form after Mr. Wrobewski's words and a take of Needy.

78:06 / 81:10-81:15

The last shots are only contained in the unrated (after Jennifer confronts Chip with Needy):

Chip: "Yeah, she..."
Jennifer: "I mean, are you worried? Because I am super stressed about her."

Unrated 4.8 sec

Only theatrical cut
77:34-77:37 / 81:18

Before said scene was reimplemented, the TC offers an additional shot showing Needy look down.

+ 3.1 sec

78:06-78:17 / 81:18 bzw 81:48-81:58

After the scene was shown in the TC, it starts earlier there resp. the following part of Mr. Wroblewski's speech is missing in the unrated for now (was reimplemented half a minute later):
"I hope everybody had enough opportunity to consume some of the Pecan Sandies and Cran-Grape that was so generously donated by the Parents Club. But the real treat is yet to come."

(The last line is heard in the TC during the take of Needy, which is shown in the unrated version again - there, these words are to be heard later during additional shots)

no time difference (both 10,6 sec)

Only theatrical cut
78:20 / 81:21

Needy in the TC a few petty frames longer.

+ 0.2 sec

79:09 / 82:20-82:28

After Chip's first shock, Jennifer continues in the TC, the unrated goes back to Needy inside. Here, Mr. Wroblweski's words from earlier:
"But the real treat is yet to come. We have some special guests this evening."

8 sec

Alternate footage
79:54 / 83:13

In the TC, the audience about half a second longer, the unrated version, in return, shows the stage earlier.

no time difference

Theatrical cutUnrated

Only theatrical version
79:55-79:57 / 83:14

The TC now moves away from the stage much longer.

+ 2 sec

80:02 / 83:19-83:26

After Jennifer's and Chip's first kiss, now the unrated features a tracking shot away from the band, but a later part of the shot than the two additional seconds from the TC just before. Also, Jennifer and Chip again.

6.6 sec

Alternate footage
80:29-80:32 / 83:53-83:57

The Theatrical cut now shows thinking Needy in the audience.

The unrated version, on the other hand, shows Nikolai slightly longer and in another shot, also the following shot of Needy and Chip earlier.

Unrated 0.4 sec longer

Alternate footage / edit
80:47-80:52 / 84:12-84:23

The unrated cut shows Jennifer once more, bowing down to kiss Chip again - is being reimplemented a little later, therefore not picturized here.
Then inside a first shot of Needy in the audience (another one than earlier in the TC), only this was illustrated.

The TC shows Nikolai much earlier, on the other hand.

Unrated 6.2 sec longer

Theatrical cutUnrated

80:55-81:10 / 84:26

The camera moves toward Needy in the TC, then the scene showing Jennifer kiss Chip another time is shown (seen earlier and in one piece in the unrated version).
Then Needy from close-up again.

+ 14.6 sec

81:14 / 84:30-84:45

Who would've guessed: The two shots of Needy were reimplemented here after more kisses by Jennifer, but this time in one piece as a tracking shot toward her (not picturized again).

Then, unrated-exclusively, you see Nikolai singing and Jennifer and Chip sitting outside, the latter one asking "Can we go somewhere else?"

15,5 sec

Alternate footage
81:17 / 84:48

If you can't think of anything better: In the TC Nikolai 0.2 sec earlier, in the unrated version the spot Needy stood on just before.

no time difference

Theatrical cutUnrated

81:47 / 85:18-85:54

In the unrated cut, Nikolai a few petty frames longer, then Needy drops by Chip's parents to ask about him.

She rushes to the door, Chip's little sister opens at first: "Hi, Camille. Hey! Is Chipper home?"
The mother appears: "Needy, is something wrong?"
Needy: "Where's Chip?"
Mother: "He left for the dance at least 20 minutes ago."
Needy: "He walked?"
Mother: "It's only five blocks. My God, your hair is..."
Needy: "Which way did he go?"
Mother: "He usually cuts across the park."
As Needy turns directly, the mother says to her daughter, who has unfavorably sat down with her skirt: "Camille, sit like a lady! No one wants to see your kiki!"
She turns to the empty door; "Why don't you try...Anita?"

35,2 sec

84:21 / 88:28-88:32

After Jennifer has bit, the shot of Needy starts earlier in the unrated cut. She prays before she intervenes.
"St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes, please give me the power to crush this bitch."

4.2 sec

89:12 / 93:23-94:21

In the unrated cut, you see Needy lying thoughtfully and tired in her bed after Chip's death. After edits to photos with Chip and Jennifer she laces her shoes, puts on gloves and zips her top after a while.

57,6 sec

91:20-91:22 / 96:29 bzw 96:32-96:34

The TC cuts to Needy once more as well as Jennifer, before the "BFF"-necklace is flying through the air - the unrated cut shows this a few seconds later.

no time difference ( both + 2.3 sec )

Only theatrical cut
91:25-91:30 / 96:32

The unrated cut misses the flash backs to Jennifer and Needy in the sand box in return.

+ 5.2 sec

Alternate footage
91:48-91:49 / 96:50-96:56

The theatrical cut shows Needy a little longer.

In the unrated version the necklace on the ground again, then the view of Jennifer starts a little earlier.

Unrated 4.4 sec longer