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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Oct 18, 2015 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
It is most likely unnecessary to say much about the Twilight-Franchise. Everybody should know it - whether they like it or not. For those who are fans of the story about Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Lionsgate will release the first three movies in one set that includes a new extended version.

Thus, the second part New Moon includes almost 7.5 minutes of additional footage which, however, does not really offer anything new and was already included in the deleted scenes feature of the old DVDs and Blu-rays. Thus, there are a few new plot scenes which are rather something nice to have than mandatory. They make the movie neither better nor worse - just longer. Thus, New Moon stays the weakest movie of the series.

This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Edition, both released by Summit/Lionsgate.

There are 18 differences:
13 additional scenes/shots in the Extended Edition
5 scenes with alternative/alternative footage

The Extended Edition is 439.51 seconds (~ 7:20 minutes) longer than the Theatrical Version.
7:47 minutes / 7:47 minutes
The conversation between Bella and Edward who walk along the school's corridor was extended. The two of them talk about Jacob. Bella explains to her boyfriend that Jacob is just a friend. Still, Edward is not amused especially since he can read Jacob's mind. Because of this extended scene the Theatrical Version offers some alternative footage.
42.04 sec. / 1.71 sec.

Extended EditionTheatrical Version

9:47 minutes
The tracking shot through the classroom goes on and stops in front of Edward and Bella. While the movie goes on, the two of them talk about Bella's birthday and that the Cullens are really excited about it. When the class is about Romeo and Juliet, the Theatrical Version continues.
59.18 sec.

15:47 minutes
Alice points at the birthday cake.
3.84 sec.

19:08 minutes
Bella and Edward are sitting in the car and talk about what was going on at the party. Edward cannot deal with it since he cannot just be a normal friend. However, Bella does not want anything normal but him.
44.17 sec.

29:30 minutes
Bella wakes up in the forest and hears some weird noises. She gets up and looks for a hideout.
39.91 sec.

30:14 minutes
Bella crouches and falls asleep.
8.84 sec.

31:28 minutes
Charlie brings his daughter to her room, puts her down on her bed and wraps her up in a blanket. Bella seems to be absent-minded.
33.66 sec.

34:16 minutes
Bella gets up from the desk and sits down on the chair.
10.8 sec.

34:26 minutes
Charlie shortly talks to his neighbor who scraps his old motorcycle. Bella comes out of the house and heards for her car. Charlie goes over to her.
37.12 sec.

45:36 minutes / 41:03 minutes
The scene where Charlie calms Bella down after the nightmares was slightly extended. The Theatrical Version instead shows a short shot of Charlie.
20.19 sec. / 1.88 sec.

Extended EditionTheatrical Version

46:14 minutes
Charlie tells Bella about the split from her mother.
30.61 sec.

1:04:05 minutes
Bella comes home and Charlie confronts her at the door. He has heard that she and Jacob hat a fight. Bella does not want to talk about it but rather change clothes and thus goes up the stairs. Charlie closes the front door.
32.32 sec.

1:06:15 minutes
A few additional pieces of conversation between Bella and Laurent. The latter gets closer and closer to her.
15.82 sec.

1:07:22 minutes / 1:01:08 minutes
A re-cut with alternative footage during the conversation between Bella and Laurent.
10.18 sec. / 2.63 sec.

Extended EditionTheatrical Version

1:12:52 minutes / 1:06:27 minutes
Some additional footage when Jacob is upset because of the bite wound on Bella's arm.
9.43 sec. / 2.38 sec.

Extended EditionTheatrical Version

1:13:31 minutes
Jacob asks Bella if it really was him who told her who Edward really is. She says that he was.
21.77 sec.

1:40:27 minutes
Alice tells Bella that Jacob might be right and that the Volturi will kill them all.
12.93 sec.

1:41:47 minutes / 1:34:40 minutes
The scene where Edward stands in front of the Volturi was extended.
21.81 sec. / 6.51 sec.

Extended EditionTheatrical Version