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Commando - A One Man Army

original title: Commando


  • Full Action Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 04, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened Full Action Version and the Indian Original Version (both included on Nameless Media's Blu-ray mediabook release)


- 4 cuts

-  Runtime difference: 914.5 sec (= 15:15 min)


The Bollywood production Commando - A One Man Army is a very violent action movie that features three sing-and-dance interludes that are typical for the Indian movie culture. For western audiences, this is still largely an unusual viewing experience. Therefore, the German distributor Nameless Media has made a decision that could please both the friends of the original version and those who are more interested in the action film without the dancing.

For this purpose, they released four limited edition mediabooks that contain the Original Cut as well as a “Full Action Version”, which is most likely also a worldwide premiere. Here, the 15 minutes of dancing and singing were fully removed.

The comparison material was kindly provided by Nameless Media.



Timecodes are ordered as follows:

Full Action Version on German Blu-ray / Indian Original Version on German Blu-ray
15:56 / 15:56-21:06

Simrit walks around even longer and a classic Bollywood interlude begins. Apparently against the background of Amrit's imminent forced marriage, because he is constantly ensnaring her here and places his hand on his chest towards the end when Simrit passes him coldly. Real emotions.

310.4 sec (= 5:10 min)

54:36 / 59:46-64:39

Karan still carves something, Simrit looks dreamy - time for a random vocal interlude, which strangely inappropriately and suddenly plays in a completely different environment and rather reminds of a cliché-laden music clip. In any case, the point is that the two are now getting closer.

293.1 sec (= 4:53 min)

57:22 / 67:25-67:29

In the original version, the image freezes briefly and an "Intermission" fade-in appears.

3.4 sec

83:16 / 93:23-98:30

Bollywood intermission, the third. After Amrit's announcement of a new bride from Mumbai, another confusing dancing clip follows, which probably makes this rather dark side story appear in a strangely positive light.

307.6 sec (= 5:08 min)