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original title: Ying Hung Bun Sik II


  • BBFC 18 Made in Hong Kong VHS
  • German VHS
Release: Feb 22, 2010 - Author: Billy - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
It is interesting the German version is at four points longer than the allegedly uncut-version by Made in Hong Kong Video, those cuts are shown below. The image quality of the Made in Hong Kong tape is also not excactly top notch.
Made in Hong Kong: 1:39.42 minutes
Cannon / VMP: 1:35.00 minutes

Ho arrives at completely shocked Lung. This scene takes a bit longer, you also see a gate hurtling down.
( 7 Sec.)


Ko laughs longer.
(1,5 Sec.)

Explosion in the restaurant:

Probably only badly edited, the scene in front of the restaurant is a second longer.
( 1 Sec.)


Ken and Lung are standing longer on a meadow.
( 3 Sec.)