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Release: Jan 08, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored US-DVD from Artisan (R-Rated) and the German Unrated-DVD from Future Film .

There are 8 differences, which add up to 33,25 seconds

6 additional cuts = 50,75 seconds.
2 times alternative editing = +17,5 seconds.

The following list of all currently existing versions of the movie will explain how the Unrated version was discovered.

R-Rated version:
In the US, the movie was only released as a censored version. Besides the editing of two violent scenes, four additional scenes, which do not show explicit violence, were removed.

German VHS version:
In Germany, the only official, i.e. licensed version, is the old VHS tape. However, this version is heavily censored. Having said that, the four scenes that were removed for the US release are on the German VHS.

Australian version:
Reportedly, the Australian version is complete. Nevertheless, the two scenes that had to be edited for the R-rating, as well as the final sequence are missing from this version. Since the Australian version was not available for comparison, this fact cannot be independently verified here. Edit: Due to user-feedback we can now confirm these facts concerning the australian DVD. Thanks goes to Peter Findlay for these Information.

European DVDs: (e.g. UK/NL/FR DVD) The European DVDs contain the four scenes that are missing from the US R-Rated version. The old German version was taken from the same master as the European DVDs but as mentioned above the German version is heavily censored. The European versions are not. However, the two other scenes that were edited for the US version are missing here as well. Therefore, none of the European DVDs is complete. A seperate censorship-report can be found on our website: NL DVD - GB Tape.

Unrated version / German bootleg DVDs:
The longest version of the movie was only released on VHS and LD in England. In early 2003, the first European DVDs had already been released and were considered uncensored in comparison to the US DVD. But when one of our authors checked the censorship report of the heavily censored German version after some new pictures had been added, he noticed that those pictures contained material that was missing from all other known versions. The person who had contributed the pictures was not aware of their exclusiveness, either. The pictures were taken from the UK tape. The following comparison showed that the tape did not only contain four additional scenes but also two enhanced scenes with more violence.

After this "discovery" it did not take long before bootleg companies added the German dubbing to the version from the UK tape. Therefore, all German DVDs are "Unrated". Nevertheless, they are not licensed and thus the only official release of the "Unrated" version remains the UK VHS /LD from Columbia/Tristar.
12 min
In an additional shot, the man lies on the floor with a gaping wound in his stomach. This is only shown in the Unrated version.
2,75 sec

37 min
Two men in protective suits grab Karen. When that happens she tells John that she will always love him no matter what, but John doesn't seem to feel her and says that she has always been bad at saying goodbye. Karen adds that she will probably never learn that.
The US version continues when Karen is hauled off by the two men.
15,5 sec

78 min
When John and the others are in the elevator on their way up he puts his index finger in front of his mouth to tell the cheering prisoners to be quiet. This is followed by a shot of the elevator.
7 sec

78 min
In the US version, the shot of the elevator on its way up was reintegrated here.
+3,75 sec

82 min
D-Day is being shot at longer. This is only shown in the Unrated version.
2 sec

86 min
Nino tells John that Karen is expecting a baby and that they therefore have to stop the truck immediately, but John is determined not to stop before they have crossed the border. The crossfading to the border fence is also missing.
8 sec

86 min
During the birth Karen complains that the child doesn't seem to be willing to come out. John tries to calm her and tells her to be patient but Karen doesn't want to.
After that Nino wants to get a blanket. He stands up and leaves the barn.
15,5 sec

86 min
One part of that scene was reintegrated into the US version afterwards.
+13,75 sec