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Schoolgirl Report Volume 1

original title: Schulmädchen-Report


  • US DVD
  • German DVD (Unrated)
Release: Jul 31, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US DVD by Impulse Pictures (Unrated) and the uncut German DVD by Kinowelt (Unrated).

- 2 cuts
- Runtime of cuts: 310.9 sec (= 5:11 min)


The Schoolgirl Report series, a typical child of the 70's: amateur actors, interviews on the street and lots of questionable ideology about rape of young girls, justifying the actions of their tormentors. In Germany, there were also significant censorship problems, which were exacerbated by an amendment to the Youth Protection Act. The definition of child and youth pornography was made stricter in 2015, and as a result the first film in the series discussed here henceforth fulfilled the criminal offence of youth pornography, part 3 even that of youth and child pornography (under German law).

A freely available release in uncut form has thus become very unlikely for the time being and we have taken the whole matter as an opportunity to take another look at the worldwide history of censorship. In the US, the films were all released on DVD shortly after the German editions. The rights holder Impulse Pictures had its problems there as well, but at least it reacted: The distributor was not at all enthusiastic about the label's plan to release only the uncut versions. As a result, the films were no longer available on the regular market from part 3 onwards. Parts 1 and 2, on the other hand, had previously only been released in a shortened form, and even the uncut version of part 3 was followed by a shortened "International Version" in the department stores.

So what is now missing from the US DVD of part 1? In fact, the cuts are very similar to those of the German FSK 16 version. The same two scenes justifying the rape of minors have been shortened and the long first cut is identical. But while the second scene with a duration of more than 2 minutes is completely missing in Germany, only a very short part with a very questionable off-commentary was removed from the US DVD.

Runtimes are ordered according to the scheme: US DVD in NTSC / German DVD in PAL

The US DVD has a bit more black image at the beginning.

+ 3.5 sec

11:53 / 11:20-16:14

After the exterior shot of the tobacco business, the interview with Barbara goes even further and through a sexually ambiguous picture in the newspaper, she appears to have had an incest case in her childhood. Her mother is jealous and Barbara explains that her stepfather is like an older brother or a friend to her and often strokes her. Since Barbara also likes to cuddle, she has given herself up to these games since she was 9 or 10 years old. She also clearly admits that she started it herself and continued to provoke it. When asked by the reporter, she says that her stepfather deflowered her at the age of 12.

She goes on to say that it started when the parents carelessly had sex right in front of her. Barbara found this exciting and satisfied herself before asking the stepfather to do the same to her the next day. The mother was meanwhile annoyed and even threatened to go to the police. But Barbara would have her stepfather under control, he would even give her pocket money for sex and permission to stay out late at night.

294,5 sec (= 4:54 min)

66:31 / 68:38-68:54

Only the short section at the end is missing from Irm's rape, in which she generally plays rape down in her off-commentary: "You know, I believe that no man can rape a woman unless the woman somehow wants to. Unless, of course, he comes with a pistol or gives her a drug or something. But otherwise? Mmm-hmm."

16.4 sec

Finally, the US DVD has an FBI reference and the naming of the label. The German DVD offers only one fade-in in the picture.

US-DVD 6,5 sec longer