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Get the Party started

artist: Pink


  • Censored MTV Version
  • Uncensored VIVA Version
Release: Oct 09, 2012 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the Censored Version from MTV and the Uncensored Version from VIVA.
Pink gets almost hit by a car

May the trouble begin. The MTV Version contains an additional shot of the car after approx. 65 sec. After approx. 69 sec, the shot of Pink getting out of the car has been removed. Now it pops up after the following shot of her singing but the first frames of the displaced shot are missing. Then a shot of Pink that isn't in the VIVA Version. The shot of Pink getting hit by a car is shorter in the MTV Version, the actual near-accident has been removed. But for some reason, the squealing tires are still audible in the MTV Version.

At the club

In the MTV Version, Pink is with her gal but she's having a drink a in the VIVA Version - the shot of the VIVA Version is slighty longer. 3 sec later, the beginning of the shot has been removed. Pink wipes her mouth after the drink. A further second later another shot of Pink's gal in the MTV Version. Therefore, the shot of Pink passing by 2 other chicks is longer. Pink's gal is also passing by here.