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True Romance


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My Lucky Stars

original title: Fuk sing go jiu


  • BBFC 15 DVD
  • German Version
Release: Sep 15, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
2 cut scenes = 34.5 seconds
3 alternative scenes = no time difference

In order to receive an BBFC 15 rating, the English version of "My Lucky Stars" had to be cut slightly.

Comparison between the English BBFC 15 version from the DVD by Hong Kong Legends and the German version.
In the German version, there is a different intro. Subsequently, star-shaped pictures of all the leading actors are shown, which then turn into the names of their respective characters. On a map, Jackie's star "hovers" on to Japan, to indicate that he is situated there. Then, the arriving subway train is shown and from there it goes on regularly.

In the English version, a detailed scene of Fastbuck breaking into a car is missing.

11.5 sec.

When the guys are discussing their next steps a cut was made to get rid of a "gang rape" reference made in the English subtitles for the Chinese audio. When dubbed in English on the UK VHS, this was translated in a harmless way so the VHS didn't need to be cut here.

The following is just a translation of the German dub on this scene:
Rawhide: "I can't stand the thought of her lying over there all alone."
Sandy: "Hey, hang on. If she's feeling blue, she will certainly pick one of us, won't she?"
Rawhide: "The hell with women's liberties."
Sandy: "Stupid macho."
Herb: "We will attack, she's going to pick Tarzan."
Fastbuck: "Out of the question, guys. I'm her bodyguard."
Herb: "Stay out of this."
Fastbuck: "Over my dead body. (shouts) Barbara, watch it! These savages want to mug you!"
Rawhide: "You miserable crut, one more word and you're dead."
23 sec.

In the English version, Roundhead is regaled with a mushroom. In the German version, he gets a frog which briefly hops about.
No time difference

The German version shows the shot of Fastbuck finishing off one of the guys and two other shots in slow motion. However, the English version shows them in regular speed.
- sec.

Additionally, the English version misses all the background and off-camera comments. For example Jackie's introduction in a narrative style and Fastbuck's remark "Actually, I should clear off now...", before he is about to break into the car.