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Showgirl Murders


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 25, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version (US DVD by New Concorde) and the Unrated Version (German DVD by Screen Power/EuroVideo).

Mitch and his alcolholic wife Carolyn run a bar but they barely make a living. One day, sexy Jessica shows up. She starts as waitress but it does not take long and she dances on stage. The bar becomes a strip club with Jessica as main act and Mitch makes lots of dough. He falls in love with Jessica who then suggests to take out Carolyn. Since Mitch is only thinking with his penis, he gets stuck deeper in Jessica's web of lies and schemes.

The movie contains a lot of striptease scenes with Maria Ford and a rather simple-minded thriller plot in between. Most impressive is Maria Ford's talent as dancer though. But other than that, one should not have an aversion of watching trash flicks. Otherwise, Showgirl Murders is not recommendable at all.

Unfortunately, the US DVD by New Concorde (Maria Ford Collection) only contains the R-Rated Version which lacks almost any detail of the strip scenes resp. there is some alternate footage as well. In addition to that, the knife attack on Carolyn is a few secnds shorter. All in all, the US DVD simply sucks.


Unrated Version (German DVD): 81:07 Min. (in PAL)
R-Rated Version (US DVD): 79:48 Min. (in NTSC)

Jessica dances longer on stage.

Then Mitch and Carolyn a little earlier.

Unrated Version: 18 sec


The shot of Jessica starts slightly earlier: She is rubbing her breasts against the pole.

Unrated Version: 1 sec


Jessica dances longer.

Unrated Version: 3 sec


Jessica dances longer on stage. She is rubbing her breasts against the pole.

In the Unrated Version, this is one single shot without any cuts.

Unrated Version: 11 sec


Jessica gets the guy's bill by grabbing it between her legs.

Mitch a little earlier.

Unrated Version: 5 sec


The sex scene with Jessica and Mitch continues in the Unrated Version. She suggests to forget about the club and slip away. Mitch really wishes he could.

The R-Rated Version contains alternate, more harmless footage - the dialog is identically equal though.

Unrated Version: 12 sec
R-Rated Version: 15 sec


Jessica dances longer on stage. Some of her moves are rather offensive.

Unrated Version: 19 sec


After Ridley, the cop, turns to the stage, the Unrated Version shows Jessica dancing in leather with the gun between her legs.

Unrated Version: 13 sec


Joey stabs Carolyn more often.

Then Jessica on stage: Fake blood is dripping on her.

Unrated Version: 5 sec


Jessica are and the other dancer longer on stage: Jessica removes the other dancer's bra and starts playing with her breasts.

Unrated Version: 8 sec


Jessica and the other dancer are tonguing on stage.

Unrated Version: 7 sec


Jessica and the other dancer again.

Unrated Version: 13 sec


Missing shot of the exotic dance. The other dancer is between Jessica's legs.

Unrated Version: 6 sec


The entire finale of the dance is missing. At first, Jessica pours hot wax and then milk on the other dancer. Then they continue tonguing. The other dancer crawls behind Jessica.

Unrated Version: 50 sec


Jessica longer on stage: She licks the champagne bottle.

Unrated Version: 3 sec


The R-Rated Version shows some black dancer removing a red ribbon wrapped around two female dancers.

Then Mitch behind the bar.

The Unrated Version contains alternate footage. Here, the black dancer sits on a chair. Jessica and the other female dancer appear, lights are being dimmed and it becomes obvious that the two female dancers have paint on their bodies. The black dancer dancers with them but then Jessica and the other female dancer are more and more in the center of the show. At the end of the performance, they both get rid of their string.

Unrated Version: 1:54 min
R-Rated Version: 25 sec


The Unrated Version cuts to Crank.

The R-Rated Version sticks with Jessica instead.

Unrated Version: 2 sec
R-Rated Version: 2 sec


The dancer longer on stage - full frontal nudity included.

DF: 8 sec


Jessica earlier when she dances sexy in front of Crank.

Unrated Version: 17 sec