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original title: Yue gui xing dong


  • Hongkong VHS
  • Taiwan VHS
Release: Oct 26, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the uncensored regular version released on the VHS from Hongkong and the extended version released on the VHS from Taiwan.

Several short framecuts which are under the runtime of 0.5 seconds (which there are quite a few on the Taiwan VHS) and do not represent individual shots were ignored for this report.

This Martial Arts flick from 1990 was - if at all - mostly released on VHS. The tape from Hongkong is uncut. However, there also exists a tape from Taiwan which the following report will take a closer look at. On the one hand this is one of the rare Widescreen releases of the movie which additionally also offers English subtitles (which at times are pretty bad, though). On the other hand, it is a special extended version, which offers an additional sequence between the last scene of the movie and the end credits. Throughout the movie, there are minor differences between the two versions; some of these, along with an entirely missing scene, will be mentioned in this report. However, it is most likely that those were unintended mistakes that came from a bad master tape. The only scene that raises the difference in time is the last additional scene at the end of the movie.

Thanks to Mr. White, who provided us with all the material we needed for this report!

Time Designations are given as follows:
Hongkong VHS in [PAL] / Taiwan VHS [NTSC]

Different logos at the beginning of the movie.

No difference in time.

Hongkong VHSTaiwan VHS

31:34 / 32:53-32:54

The following scene is missing on the Hongkong VHS (probably due to a bad master tape): The shot begins a little earlier before the door is kicked open.

1.2 sec

39:34-39:35 / 41:13

A short sequence of Paul ripping the newspaper down is missing on the Taiwan VHS.

Around this scene, a few frames are lost as well, which makes it pretty obvious that the reason for the missing sequence is a bad master tape.

+ 0.5 sec

47:40 / 49:39-49:40

Faulty master for the Hongkong VHS: Dominic's girlfriend is shown in the car a little earlier.

1.1 sec

54:32-54:40 / 56:50

A longer missing sequence due to a faulty master tape for the Taiwan VHS (you can see some dirt on the images): Paul is shown a little earlier when he's outside. In the following scene, he starts talking on the phone a little earlier.

+ 7.4 sec

57:12-57:13 / 59:29

On the Hongkong VHS, Paul and Valerie are shown a little earlier.

+ 0.8 sec

66:04 / 68:42-68:43

Faulty master for the Hongkong VHS: The door is shown a little earlier before Paul and the girls enter.

1 sec

82:12 / 85:32-86:46

Just before the end credits roll, only the Taiwan VHS shows an additional scene. At first you see Cynthia Luster at the telephone, then you see Paul, Valerie, and Chau. The latter keeps his promise to clean the office while Paul makes fun of him. Subsequently a few gangsters come in the room and offer them 50000 US Dollar for a job - just like at the beginning of the movie. Thanks to their previous experience, the guys say no. End of the movie.

71 sec