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Witchfinder General

original title: Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General


  • Director's Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: May 30, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The (censored) Director's Cut has been compared to the (uncensored) Extended Cut. Both versions are contained in the UK-DVD by Prism Leisure and only differ from each other through alternatively shot topless-action in the Extended Cut. There is not any more violence, like some websites claim!
Runtime of both versions: 82:50 Min.
Alternative scenes: 8
00:00 Min.
There is an introducing text message right in the beginning in both versions
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

24:26 Min.
The process of the scenes is identical, but in the Extended Cut, the women at the table are topless - in the Director's cut, they're dressed. Furthermore, you can make out the landlord trying to pull one of the men's feet off the table in the Extended Cut.
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

24:55 Min. Dir. Cut und 24:54 Min. Export Cut
Again, the women are topless in the Export cut and dressed in the Directors'
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

25:01 Min. Dir. Cut und 25:00 Min. Export Cut
The short runtime difference (1 sec.) in the passed three scenes is being compensated by a slightly longer/slower outside-view during the night.
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

26:45 Min.
In the Export Cut, the woman is topless and Marshall puts his left hand on her left breast. After Hopkins wakes him up by kicking him, he pushes the woman away, gets up and quickly steps outside to hurl. Subsequently, he returns and sits down again. The process is the same in the Director's Cut, but the woman is dressed and there was a different take used for the described part (well noticeable due to Hopkins' viewing direction). Also, the woman is a different one. The Export Cut is about 1.5 seconds shorter because of the scene's shorter beginning.
- 1.5 Sec. in the Export Cut
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

28:50 Min. Dir. Cut and 28:51 Min. Export Cut
Hopkins gets up and walks to the right. There was another take used here. In the following scene, the lady at the table is topless in three following scenes, dressed in the Director's Cut. Just like before, there is a different woman shown in the Director's Cut.
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

35:21 Min. Dir. Cut and 35:19 Export Cut
After Hopkins leaves, a woman is shown in the Export Cut - topless, of course. She is missing in the Director's Cut.
0 Dif.
Left: Director's Cut; Right: Extended Cut

The black screen at the end of the film is slightly longer in the Export Cut to even the runtimes again.
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